The Best French restaurant in Montréal?

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If you’re coming to Montréal, you’re probably hoping to indulge in French cuisine, non? Conveniently, the Web allows us to debate restaurants with no risk of a food fight. So as a Twitter user, I decided to ask my followers the big question:  What is the best French restaurant in Montréal?

The answers came fast and furious. The first thing I noticed was that most recommendations were for well-established restaurants. And secondly, that I agreed with most recommendations!

Here are some of the answers I got, along with my comments:

@lineAtallah: My favorite French restaurant in Montréal is “Europea” on de la Montagne Street.
My take on it: Tied with Toqué! as my favourite. The chef at Europea has been building his reputation from the ground up (quite literally, he started off in a basement!) and creates dishes with local ingredients. Last time I was there, he surprised me with a creamy lobster cappuccino with truffle shavings (see the picture).

@audrey_24: I Love Leméac on Laurier street!
My take on it: This Outremont Bistro has a lively outdoor patio. Try their Night-Owl menu, offered from 10 pm onward for only $22.

@AndreanneS: Le Petit Extra on Papineau is great!
My take on it: This bistro is always crowded with locals out for a romantic evening, catching a bite before a show or treating business associates.

@alloannie: A place that I love to go is Buvette chez Simone on Park Ave.
My take on it: Not the Frenchest of French restaurants, but nonetheless it’s great place for tapas and cocktails. Just see Tamy’s post about it! A-Sex-and-the-City-moment-at-Buvette-chez-Simone

@pique_mtl: O’Thym: BYOW, perfect every time.
My take on it: Small, cozy, and probably the best restaurant in the Village (along with Duel). Try the rack of lamb!

@meghancnyc: Our best meal in MTL was at Laloux. It was amazing from the amuse-bouche to the pots-de-crème.
My take on it: I completely agree! It’s in my list of “must sees.” They just hired a new chef, so I need to try it again soon.

@pixelhaus: La rapière on Metcalf and Au petit Lyonnais on Marie-Anne E.
My take on it: Thanks for the recommendations! I don’t know either of these, but I’ll be trying them for sure!

@tonetap: My favorite French restaurant is La Gargote in Old Montréal!
My take on it: This is one of the rare non-touristy French restaurants in Old-Montréal. The stone walls give it a cozy atmosphere.

(Toqué! restaurant)

@mtleurant: Toqué! and Pied de Cochon
My take on it: These are THE two must-visit restaurants in Montréal. Time and again, I’ve had unforgettable dinners at Toqué! Meanwhile, the foie gras poutine served at Pied de Cochon is famous around the world.

Thanks to everyone who sent in recommendations!

What do you think? Tell me about the best French meal you’ve had in Montréal!

And in case you need them, here are some of the restaurants websites: (Website in French only)

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