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Yesterday I was doing my weekly grocery shop in the beloved Jean Talon Market when my tummy started a’rumblin’.

It said to me, “Daniel, please feed me something delicious and nutritious!”

It’s understandable that I might get hungry in the midst of a myriad of culinary choices that the market offers. But with all those options to chose from, one can get overwhelmed. Luckily I remembered a recommendation of a friend, Canadian foodie Sarah Elton.

La Crêperie du Marché serves up traditional French crepes in the heart of the market. The crepes, which come in two general categories (Savory or Sweet), are made of products only from Quebec, such as sarrasin (gluten-free buckwheat flour), fresh eggs and famous local cheeses. I opted for the ‘Spinach, Egg & Cheese’ option, and was initially impressed by the immenseness of the portion, and then crispy, warm, yumminess of the crepe.

Jérôme, the French owner of the shop, has had crepe-devotion for his entire life. He learned the magic of the crepe at La Crêperie de Josselin, in Paris, and brought his culinary craftiness to Montreal. La Crêperie du Marché was born!

So when you’re wandering through the Jean Talon Market, and feel an internal calling for something delicious, head over to La Crêperie.

You won’t be disappointed.



La Crêperie du Marché
Jean-Talon Market
7070, Henri-Julien

Insider Info: La Crêperie uses 100% biodegradable cups, utensils and plates. Which allows you to have a truly environmentally friendly meal while you’re in the Jean Talon Market. Brilliant!



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