The Fag Fringe Forecast

Posted on June 8th, 2009 by .

Montréal goes a bit nutty each June.

I know the Fringe Festival has begun when I look out my living room window onto St-Laurent Boulevard and see a Drag Queen marching up the street playing the bagpipes. (FYI – she’s known as the Drag-Piper.)

The Fringe Fest runs this year from June 11 – 21. It is an uncensored, low cost, liberal, performance art festival – equal parts theatre, dance, music and creative anarchy. There is a little something for everyone.

As stated in this year’s program, “The Fringe is all about discovery.” But choosing from among 100 or so local, national and international companies can be a bit overwhelming. So I’ve put on my “Fag-Filter” and found the good stuff.

Here are 6 recommendations for homolicious Fringe shows and events…

(Click on each show for info on show times…)

Fucking Stephen Harper: How I Sexually Assaulted the 22nd Prime Minister of Canada and Where It Got Me

During last year’s election, Prime Minister Stephen Harper alleged that gay journalist Rob Salerno sexually assaulted him. Now with Salerno’s new tell-all book, you can finally hear his side of the story. A hilarious take on Canadian politics, the media, the gay community, and what Stephen Harper’s balls feel like.


Queer collective PanicLab brings their unique physical style in the story of a woman who can’t get enough, and a man who likes it rough, of two girls playing grown-up games, an underwear sniffer, and an exhibitionist, of sex toys, sex dreams and sex in parks, planes and Eurostar trains. This show contains nudity.

Figure Skating is for Little Girls

Join the 2003 Junior National Ice Dance Champion for an intensely self-deprecating, satirical, and oftentimes painfully embarrassing look at the world of competitive figure skating. An evening of eating disorders, sparkles and violent personal shame. If only this were fiction.

Brazil Nuts

Two lesbians walk into a bar. One of them marries a go-go boy. All three get drop kicked into the Bermuda triangle of US Immigration. Susan Jeremy, two-time Just for Laughs winner stars in a tale of love, marriage and immigration in America. “Brilliant…fantastically talented!” –Montreal Hour

S.C.R.E.W.: the Sexual Curriculum Remedial Education Workshop

The government of Canada has mandated that due to the terrible sex ed curricula of our nation’s past, all citizens must attend a S.C.R.E.W. session. Bondage, biology and a brainy blond brandishing bananas make for the best mandatory fun you’ve had since you hit puberty.

Drag Races

On your Mark, Get set, Go-Go. The most popular event in Fringe History is Back for a ninth fabulous year. The irrepressible Mado Lamotte hosts this knock down, DRAG out battle royale pitting Montréal’s best known professional drag queens against a bevy of Fringe Beauties in a series of skill-testing obstacles. The winner will be crowned “Queen of the Fringe,” the losers will be crushed under the heel of the victorious. No one will walk away with their dignity intact.

Tune into my Facebook and Twitter pages for my thoughts and recommendations as the Fringe Festival unfolds!

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