The French diet: Try it now in Montreal

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Have you heard of the French Paradox? Several different studies have tried to figure out why French people are slimmer than Americans, despite the fact that they eat more fat from animal sources and drink more wine.

And since the jury is still out on the causes of this paradox, why not come to Montreal to try the French diet for yourself? After all, Montreal is a little corner of France right here in North America…

Here’s the rundown of how to eat like a real Frenchman:

Croissants for breakfast. It’s a well-known fact that the French enjoy buttery pastries first thing in the morning. In fact, they eat four times more butter than Americans do! Good thing I already sussed out the best croissants in Montreal for you.

Espresso comes next. Anyone who’s been to Paris has no doubt enjoyed an espresso out on a patio. You can engage in this very European behaviour almost anywhere in Montreal. (I’m not sure how it can be good for your diet, but hey, it’s the French way!). My favourite Parisian-style patio in Montreal is La Croissanterie Figaro.

• Don’t forget the dairy! The French are very fond of their dairy products… and that includes ice cream! So, head to Point G for some foie gras ice cream. Yes, the flavour may strike you as unusual, but consider it a way of killing two birds with one stone.

• Until now, you’ve been in the Plateau neighbourhood. Do not take a taxi! You really have to walk from one place to another. The French walk much more than we do. That should burn off at least 1/8 of your croissant.

• Lunch time already and you still haven’t had any deli meats? The French eat three times more pork than Americans do. Better head to Au Marché de la Villette (324 St-Paul Street East in Old Montreal) for some sweetbreads, pâtés, and sausages. Oh yeah, and they also make their own foie gras, in case the ice cream wasn’t enough for you.

• What about wine? If you haven’t enjoyed a glass yet, you should know that the resveratrol, procyanidins and polyphenols in red wine are the key to the French Paradox. Pullman wine bar offers a selection of 300 wines, including 50 available by the glass. Don’t forget to enjoy a cheese plate with your wine!

When it comes time for dinner, there is a multitude of French restaurants to choose from in Montreal. You can check out my previous post on the Best French Restaurants in Montreal for more information on that subject.

So there you have it. If you follow this diet carefully and still don’t lose weight, I don’t know what else to recommend!

For more information on the French Paradox and the book French Women Don’t Get Fat go to: Wikipedia

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