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Montréal is fairly well known throughout the homoverse as being a pretty gay place. But not everything in the city is so cut and dry. Some things are clearly gay, like the gay village, but other things exist in sexual ambiguity.

Here are 10 Montréal things that gravitate towards the gay end of the pool.

  1. Les Becs – The cultural norm for girls (and all classy boys) to greet each other in Montréal is a kiss on each cheek. Muah muah!
  2. Scarf Art – Montréalers have a very specific way of tying their scarves. It starts with folding your scarf in two, lengthways. Then wrapping it around your neck, and threading the double ends through the loop. Any accessory that demands that much detail is most certainly gay.
  3. Slowdance Parties – Becoming increasingly popular in many North American cities, slowdance parties encourage folks to squish up against each other. But at a Montréal slowdance party, you’ll see a higher proportion of girls waltzing with girls.
  4. Habs Games – When one guy scores, the Bell Centre suddenly becomes a socially acceptable space for males to embrace each other. Plus, the lesbians aren’t shy about really expressing their real thoughts on fowl play.
  5. Spa Scandinave – Not a gay sauna, this is one of Montréal’s hottest high-end spas. Literally. Their eucalyptus steam room is ground zero for hot bodies dripping with sweat. But as we all know, any space that enables men to sit around while dripping with sweat is gay.
  6. Baguette – In the summer time it’s not unusual to see a big baguette poking out of someone’s basket. With so many doughy phalluses constantly being waved in one’s face, the best response is to shove one in your mouth.
  7. French – No, seriously. It’s a pretty flamboyant language. Just sayin’.
  8. French Guys – With their metrosexual fashion sensibilities and expressive eyes, they’ll mess with your gaydar. But when in doubt, throw a wink and a smile. If you get a smile back, then continue the pursuit.
  9. The Big ‘O’ – Montréal has a huge stiffy. It’s the Olympic Stadium, home to ‘the tallest inclined tower in the world.’ Yeah, we’re all a bunch of size queens. Which, again, is gay.
  10. Simons – The department store that sees more pink dollar than a tranny brothel. They’ve got a fab selection of style gear, which, I suppose, isn’t always a good thing (see point #8).
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