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Last week I went to my first Igloofest. Or, as one friend put it, “You lost your Igloofest virginity.” [Insert happy face here.] While I can’t exactly say I’m a brand new woman, I do have a new appreciation for the month of January. How, I wonder, did the last three editions of this massive outdoor party ever pass me by?

Oh yeah, now I remember. Because it’s outside! In the middle of winter! At night! Along the frosty St-Laurent River! And did I mention it’s outside? So, yes, if you’re a winter activity buff, you’ll be in your element. But if the GPS triangulations of this event conflict with your personal barometer for cold weather, I suggest you bite the bullet. Because once you’re there and picking up the vibe, you’ll be like, Wow, okay, I heart Igloofest.

To stand up to sub-zero temps, do as I did and don a full-on ski-suit. If you happen to own a retro-fabulous one-piece snowsuit, get thee to the photo booth and have your fine self immortalized on the Igloofest website – you just may win some amazing stuff, including a VIP weekend at Le Massif de Charlevoix. Should you feel like hitting the scene in a bright turquoise winter onesie, silver moonboots, and a neon pink mad scientist wig, trust me, you’ll be in fine company.

And talk about One Love. In overcoming the chill of a sunless sky, you can’t deny the power of body heat emanating from hundreds of nocturnal festivalgoers. Cold is not a painful word when there’s hot chocolate, vin chaud (mulled wine), and all sorts of booze to warm you up. And let’s not forget the multiple fire pits for cosy, group bonding. Finally, the most important ingredient of the night: dancing! After only a few minutes of moving to that smooth, electro-groove, I pretty much guarantee you’ll be hot – and hooked.

P.S. If you liked my tuque and scarf (see video above), you can get your own official Igloofest gear on-site or at Off The Hook at 1021 Ste-Catherine St. W., Second floor.


  1. Emy G.

    / Jan 24th

    What a good clip! almost like being there and yet left me wanting more. I will put it in my “must do list” and maybe catch it next year.

  2. Karcy

    / May 6th

    The forum is a brighter place thanks to your posts. Tnhkas!

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