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In a city like Montreal that gives residents and visitors alike more nightlife options than there are darkly lit hours in the day, it often takes a unique idea to grab people’s attention. The MACM’s “Vendredi Nocturne” is managing to
do exactly that…

Vendredi Nocturne (“Nocturnal Fridays”) brings together music and art to create one of Montreal’s most interesting cultural series. The MACM, or Musée d’Art Contemporain de Montréal, was trying to find a way to bring in a new audience to spend some time with their collections and they hit upon the idea of using the cities’ vibrant music scene as bait. This series, which takes place from 5-9pm on the first Friday of every month, has thrived because they’ve invited some of Montreal’s most interesting acts to perform. Groups like Pawa Up First,  Navet Confit, Plants and Animals, We Are Wolves and more have embraced the event, playing their sets behind huge screens filled up with a video feed of the musicians. Up next is the incredible instrumental outfit Torngat, a perfect fit for this evening, who play Nocturnes on April 2nd.

Here’s how I recommend going about it: show up early (because these things get packed), grab yourself a  high-end cocktail and wander through the exhibits. Then, when the band gets going, wander downstairs to catch the show front row. If you want stay closer to the art (or, let’s be honest, the cocktails), stay upstairs and watch the show which is projected into the main room. One of the best things about this event is that when you walk out at 9pm, you’ve already seen some art and some music and you’re downtown with a full Friday night in Montreal still ahead of you.

Good ideas may bring people in, but it’s the proper execution of those ideas that will keep them coming back…


  1. Lucas

    / Mar 16th

    Awesome! I had no idea this was going down just like the MoMA parties in NYC… very cool! nice photos too!

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