The Montreal Alouettes: Girls Getaway fun!

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Football. Men like to think it’s a guy thing. But who said girls can’t enjoy sports and beer? Last week, my sister and I headed to a Montreal Alouettes Football Game, and we had a BLAST! So put down your martinis and take off your heels. Today we’re doing things differently!
A Montreal Alouettes game is the perfect place for you and your girlfriends to just let go and act silly, have a good laughing session, scream at the top of your lungs and eat with your fingers. (Of course, you shall remain elegant while doing all of the above and not attempt, in any way, to resemble the 40 year-old man with the painted face who is sitting 10 rows below you.)
Because that’s one thing… Montreal is known for its crazy fans. They say the French are really passionate, so be ready to join the madness and cheer along with the locals. It might feel weird at first, but you’ll be surprised at how quickly you will jump off your seat when the Alouettes score a touchdown!
And remember, people at a Montreal football game are friendly. They’re there to have a good time, so you will inevitably meet new people – whether it’s jocks, businessmen, families, or other ladies with a keen love for sports.
So what do you need to know to hold your ground if a true football fan strikes up a conversation with you between the bathroom and the hot dog stand?
• First, you must understand the concept of the game. Obviously the objective is to make a TOUCHDOWN. To do so, when a team has the ball it has three attempts (called downs) per possession to achieve the acquired 10 yards that will allow them to keep going until they score.
• The Montreal Alouettes are part of the CFL, which stands for Canadian Football League. Interestingly enough, you should know that a very large percentage of players in the CFL are actually Americans.

• The Quarter Back. You must know the quarter back. Not only because it’s the central position of the game, but because the Montreal Alouettes have had the same quarter back since 1998: Anthony Calvillo, number 13. He is also ranked 5th as the best all-time professional passing football player, which includes both the NFL and the CFL. Now is your chance to see him play.

• Other players to know are Avon Cobourne, the running back, and Anthony Calvillo’s main man, the receiver Ben Cahoon. Cahoon and Calvillo have been playing together for 12 years,  which is pretty significant in the world of sports! Very rarely do teams keep two of their star players playing together for so long. Now whenever the game announcer screams Ben, you must join the other 24, 000 people in the crowd and reply: Cahhhoooooon!
Knowing these key points should keep you out of trouble. You should also know that the Montreal Alouettes play at the McGill Percival Stadium, which is at the corner of University and Pine Avenue, on the edge of Mount Royal.
The games are usually in the evening, and the stadium is outdoors and naturally elevated. That means that in addition to the spectacle on the field, the city of Montreal offers a show of its very own! Imagine watching a football game and at the same time having a view of the skyscrapers of downtown Montreal and slowly watching the day turn into night in between plays. Pretty cool!
Plus, not to brag, but our team truly is really good! In fact, I’m writing it here and now: this year the GREY CUP will be ours! So get there early to make sure you find your seat, soak up the energy and, if it’s your thing, indulge in some pre-game eye-candy warm-up action (not that I would never do that).
For the 2009 Montreal Alouettes Schedule
Book tickets online or by calling: 514-790-1245 or 1-800-361-4595
Alternatively, the Alouettes’ ticket office is at 1260 University Street, 2nd floor
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