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Here are some suggestion for hot and homo happenings in Montréal for the month of March!


Fun-Raiser! (Roller Derby)  – Long before Drew Barrymore brought “Whip It” to the masses, the deadliest of Montréal women were slamming each other up.  The season kicks off in a couple months, but to get things started, the gals need a bit of cashola.  The evening will feature killer local bands, such as Prevenge, Dig it Up, Inside Riot and BCASA! It’ll be loud and aggressive. But what else would you expect for a roller derby party? Get out there and support the troupes.  March 13. Green Room. 5386 St. Laurent Blvd. $8.


Unity – Located in the heart of Montréal’s Gay Village, Unity is unquestionably one of the city’s top nightclubs. With multiple rooms to drink and get yer dance on, the bar attracts big crowds and big names. Just this past month, Jesus Luz (Madonna’s jailbait) brought the house down. Other notable names that have spun at Unity include DJ David Morales, DJ Kio Kio and Miss Honey Dijon. In the summer months, there’s a killer rooftop patio. No matter the season, the boys are young and fresh. 1171 Ste-Catherine East.


Cocoa Locale – Apart from the airy deliciousness of our croissants, us Montréalers do not take our baking lightly.  If I were to make a statement such as – “The Chocolate Chai Cake at Cocoa Locale is indisputably the best cake in the city” – I would have to go into hiding for multiple months. So I won’t say it. But I want you to read between the lines. And then I want you to stop in for a cupcake. Capeesh? 4807 Ave du Parc.


Project Hope Vernissage – After the success of last year’s event, Project Hope returns with another art exhibit and auction. Over 60 artists from across Canada, the US and the UK are represented in an eclectic blend of creative expressions that speaks to the reality of HIV/AIDS.  Opening night will offer up cocktails, good people and beautiful artwork. What else could you ask for? March 20. Galerie Dentaire. 1239 rue Amherst. Auction April 12.


Le Pick Up Depanneur – A few folks in my life had been gushing about a hidden homo gem that featured a mouth-watering ‘pulled porc’ sandwich; it became high time to sample the goods. So I went. I opted for the ‘Veggie Pulled Porc,’ which was scrumptious BBQ meaty realness served on a light Portuguese roll. Big thumbs up folks! Stop in a look for the giant pink comb. You’ll see what I mean. 7032 Waverly Street.


Est-ce que tu viens souvent ici?

Ess-sa-kuh-too vee-en soo-von-tee-see?

Translation: “Do you come here often?”

This line works well in any language. Perfect opening line, whether delivered genuinely or slurred with gin.


  1. KevinMcLeod

    / Mar 5th

    Do you have a recommendation for a place to take immersion French lessons, preferably in or near the Gay Village?

  2. Daniel Baylis

    / Mar 12th

    Hey Kevin!

    I would check with UQAM, they are a university that is just beside the Gay Village.

    Here’s a school that offers French classes to immigrants and residents (if you are planning on moving here):

    Hope that helps!

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