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Each month THE MONTRÉAL BUZZ features five gay or gay-friendly things to do or see around the city. Recommendations range from parties to bistros to festivals to boutiques to cultural events.

Here are our suggestions for the month of November.


[clubbing] PARKING NIGHTCLUB – On November 20, one of North America’s most celebrated nightclubs commemorates its 10th anniversary – and translating that into “gay nightclub” years, it’s really like turning 86. Anyway, like any awesome gay institution, or gay diva for that matter, Parking has certainly had its share of makeovers. But it has always been home to a stellar sound system and cutting edge light installations. To celebrate the occasion, the event is free and DJ David Morales will be keepin’ the club jumping. Go and get sweaty with a few hundred of your newest French Canadian friends.


[shopping/charity] AU CŒUR DE LA MODE – You’ll be able to nab some of the most stylish Montréal clothes and accessories for women, men and children at ridiculously low prices – which is perfect as the winter season is quickly approaching, and dammit you insist on looking chic ALL year long. But not only is this one fab fashion extravaganza, it is also Quebec’s largest AIDS fashion charity event! Fashion and compassion. We love it! November 6 & 7.


[drinking] COCKTAILS – Late night parties are the norm around here. Bars and nightclubs are open until 3 AM, and then after-hours clubs continue the party to the wee hours of the morning. But when dinner has ended, and the bars aren’t yet hopping, what does a gay do? Well I’ll tell you — a gay goes for a cocktail.


[sexcapades] PRIAPE – Let’s say you come to Montreal and you realize that you forgot your leather half harness. Where does a homo go in a crisis such as this? Well my queer comrade, you’d get your arse to Priape; it’s the first stop in Montreal for toys, seductive underwear, magazines and, of course, leather gear. The staff is friendly and nonjudgmental. Check out the catalogue for samples of what you might find!


[deals] LGBT PACKAGE – It’s no secret that the gay community has an affinity for packages. Many people are drawn to a big package, but really, it’s the quality of the package that truly determines its worth. Tourisme Montreal is offering a discount on a hotel rooms, and throwing in some pretty stellar coupons to up the ante. Watch the video, where I get the package delivered to my hotel room.



  1. Queer Webmaster

    / Dec 3rd

    Do you have a gay list for December?

  2. They have several things to socialize and it seems so fun. Cool.

  3. Lucinda

    / Jun 25th

    That’s more than sneislbe! That’s a great post!

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