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There is something magical about Montreal over the holidays. The mixture of Christmas lights, snowflakes and European charm help create a romantic wintry setting that is hard to match anywhere else in North America.

With that in mind, here are seven of our suggestions to make your getaway extra romantic!


Holiday cheer in Old Montreal

If your heart swells at the thought of Christmas trees, nativity scenes, caroling, gourmet treats and festive lights, then grab your cutest set of mittens and head down to Montreal’s most historic district for Le féeries du Vieux-Montréal (translation: fun Christmasy stuff). Visit the Old Montreal’s Extravaganza website for all the romantically festival options. December 4 – 31.

Ice-skate in Parc Lafontaine

If you’re from warmer parts of the south, the opportunity for gliding across frozen water probably does not present itself very often. Montrealers, however, are blessed with chilly winter temperatures that enable couples to fall all over themselves in socially acceptable settings. If you happen to sneak some smooches in, while recovering from a tumble, nobody will judge you.  Skate rentals available. Check out all the options for ice-skating in Montreal.

Chocolate gems at Suite 88

I’m pretty sure that chocolate is an aphrodisiac. Not that you’ll need extra stimulation, as the streets of Montreal have been known to inspire increased sexual arousal for decades.  But should you need something deliciously sugary and caffeinated to fuel the escapades, look no further than Suite 88. It’s like shopping for jewelry… except better because you can’t eat jewelry.

Cupcakes and carriage rides

Many girls (and certainly some boys) enjoy a “Carry Bradshaw” moment. To facilitate such a dreamy SATC experience, head on down to Place Jacques-Cartier in Old Montreal. There you can find horse-drawn carriages available for private tours. Get yourself tucked in cozily under the blankets, and enjoy the holiday decorations along the cobblestone streets. Ask the guide to stop at Les Glaceurs (453 rue Saint-Sulpice) so that you can pop in to grab a couple of treats! Cupcake recommendation: Red Velvet.  After the carriage ride, go back to your hotel room and behave like Samantha.

Walk up Mount Royal with a thermos full of hot chocolate

There is nothing sexier than a little rouge in the cheeks from physical activity.  Now the options for increasing one’s heart rate are only limited by the imagination, but a brisk walk in the crisp winter air is always a classic romantic winter activity. Don’t forget to bring a thermos from home! Consult with the Mount Royal map for directions.

Side Note: I wouldn’t dream of encouraging people to drink alcohol in public spaces, but if some Baileys Irish Cream happened to fall into your thermos, I would COMPLETELY understand.

The “Bond With Love” special at St. Paul Hotel

Wait, what do they mean by “bond”? I guess you’ll have to figure it out for yourself. In this delightful hotel deal you get some champagne, rose petals, candles, a room upgrade, breakfast for two and a 4 PM late checkout. And late checkouts promote staying in bed all day and reenacting this dreamy video. Sorry, video cameras not included. Visit the St. Paul Hotel website for the details.

Eat outing… at a romantic restaurant

Delicious dining over wine-soaked conversation is proof that God wants us to be happy. Follow the meal with a concert. Or better yet, jump in a cab and have a make-out session on the way back to your hotel. In Montreal, you can throw a rock and hit ten romantic restaurants. But please don’t; throwing rocks is very unromantic. Instead check out some of our favorites on a list of 5 Romantic Restaurants in Montreal.



  1. The articles says it all. The places in the picture tells us that we can do romantic things. Perfect.

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