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There’s no way you’d ever confuse the Montreal Jazz Fest audience with that of Pop Montreal, but let’s just drop the overused “hipster” descriptor and move on. It’s about as accurate as calling Pop Montreal an “indie” music festival. We enlisted the wonderful Montreal photographer Richmond Lam to help document that the people who attend Pop Montreal are as diverse as the fest itself…

In it tenth year, Pop Montreal proved again why it’s become such a unique dot on Montreal’s cultural map. For me, one of the defining aspects of Pop is that it’s not a festival dominated by whose got the biggest and baddest backstage pass. Trying to big-time someone with industry talk doesn’t get you very far. Artists hang out at other shows, VIP sections are often on the curb in front of the venue and I’m pretty sure that you can’t get bottle service anywhere. Though it would be kind of awesome to see someone try.

Before we go any further, yes, the crowd at Pop Montreal is generally a bit younger than the hardcore Jazz Fest fans, but it does manage to also draw those of us that have realized that life does, in fact, continue after 30. Including one of the most buzzed-about names at the fest, Seymour Stein (seriously, click that link), who saw more shows and stayed out later that a lot of you whippersnappers out there…

We’ve already talked about the musicians playing Pop Montreal in great detail, and god knows that most musicians don’t need more photos taken of them, but when you’ve got a great photographer like Richmond running around taking shots of No Joy, Cadence Weapon and Jean Leloup, it seems like an entirely good idea to include some photos of them too.

Over 10 years of growth, Pop Montreal has become more than just a music fest. Film, fashion, arts, crafts, symposiums and more are there for those looking to make the most out of the lightning fast 5-day festival. People may stay out late to see shows, but it’s nothing a couple of strong espressos and brunch or two can’t take care of.

If you want to see Richmond Lam‘s full set of Pop Montreal pictures, check out the Montreal Buzz Flickr photostream. See you next year!

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