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Hey, guess what? The other day I was shopping for underwear at a generic department store, and there in the ginch aisle was a massive sign that read:


When I decipher the subtext to this sign, I believe it actually said to me, “Guess what fool, summer’s not going to last forever!” It was the first time a commercial sign made me cry.

And it’s true, our summer weekends are numbered. But whatever you do, don’t panic. There is still time to need to sneak in a getaway! In fact this weekend might be your perfect option. And we’ve got a whole slew of recommendations for you…


[fashion festival] FESTIVAL MODE et DESIGN – Ever wondered what a summer festival would look like if all the stores from a city’s fashion district got together for fours days, organized major runway shows, and threw glamorous parties under the metropolitan stars? If so, wonder no more.

[music festival] MONTREAL INTERNATIONAL REGGAE FESTIVAL – I hope you like jammin’, too! The Quays of the Old Port are transforming themselves into a major “Reggae Village” of peace and love for the 7th edition of the festival. For the occasion, a slate of renowned artists are in town, including original Wailers member and Bunny Wailer.

[concert] RIHANNA – If you’re wondering who’s gonna run this town on Saturday night, you can rest assured that Rihanna will have Montrealer’s all under her hypnotic spells. I hope she dedicates ‘Umbrella’ to me.

[restaurant] LE POIS PENCHÉ – Considering that France is hosting this weekend’s fireworks (see below), we suggest dining in a delicious French restaurant for Saturday supper, and making it a whole French-themed evening. With its unique décor and warm atmosphere, the classic Parisian brasserie offers a elegant epicurean experience.

[museum] CHÂTEAU RAMEZAY – A great way to really appreciate the culture of any destination we might visit is to understand the traditional food. ‘Let’s Eat!’ explores different facets of the culinary culture in Québec, from the arrival of the first colonists to the modern days. You only have a couple weekends left to check it out!

[gay life] MEC PLUS ULTRA – Arguably the most successful “out-of-village” party happening in Montreal right now. This edition of MPU has ‘Spartacus’ as its theme. What does that mean? Well, I’m not quite sure, but I’m hoping to see a whole bunch of men in crowns of leaves and loincloths.

[sport] MONTREAL ALOUETTES – If you have yet to watch a Canadian football game, they you aren’t really living! Watch the Alouettes scramble up that Saskatchewan team. Order some beers. Yell a bunch.

[pyrotechnics] FIREWORKS – The top fireworks companies around the globe present 30-minute long shows on each Saturday night to compete for the top prize. The International des Feux, our International Fireworks Festival, attracts the world’s leading designers, big bang technicians and sparkly optic addicts. This Saturday features France, whose fireworks now come in silent “mime” format.


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