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Despite some recent speculations to the contrary, this weekend’s festivities prove that rock n’ roll will never die – whether in music (Bon Jovi’s still kickin’), provocative theatre and dance, death-defying circus or in the culinary arts, where a rebel yell makes for a flavour sensation…

[surround sound] Fusion is the high-culture music game this weekend. Opera star Marie-Josée Lord adds her astonishing voice to the Orchestre Métropolitain, performing works by Plamondon, Lama and Vigneault alongside those of Gershwin, Bizet and Puccini (Feb. 19 at Place des Arts). And the Montreal New Music Festival fuses classical with experimental in new ways, as in Bungalopolis, where music meets comic books, comedy and burlesque (Feb. 18 at Lion d’or, 1676 Ontario E.).

[festive food] Every food under the wintry sun finds a home at the High Lights Festival. Get cozy in a culinary way with a multitude of workshops on cooking, wining and dining from truffles to terroir, put a smile on your face at one of many happy hour events, or just dig in to breakfast, lunch and dinner feasts prepared by some of the world’s most exciting chefs.

[definitive dance] Sarah Bild and Susannah Hood, two of Montreal’s most imaginative choreographers, pair up in an experimental triple bill of The Frying Pan’s Too Wide, Costing not less than ever and The Kiefer Trio, dance works punctuated by meaningful vocalization and inspired improvised moves – also part of the High Lights Festival, at Tangente (840 Cherrier).

[family circus] Montrealers know that a trip to the circus isn’t about big-top trickery and clown cars – circus may be fun, but it’s also serious business! Especially when you’re host to the world’s best circus artists. Wild jugglers and high-wire walkers alike make it look so easy at The World Festival of the Circus of Tomorrow– bring the kids and meet the artists on the evening of Feb. 17, or make a high-flying afternoon of it with 2 p.m. matinees on Saturday and Sunday, at the fabulous La Tohu.

[stage seduction] Montreal’s independent English-language theatre seems to thrive on the subversive – take the new comedy-mystery Sexy Dirty Bloody Scary, exactly what it sounds like, and a little bit more, at Mainline Theatre (3997 St-Laurent Blvd.).

[stand-up art] She may be an internationally acclaimed artist with a serious body of work, but Ceal Floyer is also a bit of a comedian. Her art pokes respectable fun at the art world itself and plays with our perceptions – like the image of a light switch projected on a wall, right where a light switch would be, or the image of a bonsai tree taken to great heights – it might sound simple, but in person, it makes the mind reel. Experience Floyer’s unique take on the world at DHC-Art.

[music magic] This is a weekend tailor-made to fit the ears, whether you’ve got an iPod packed to Pitchfork perfection or hadn’t heard of Arcade Fire until last Sunday. It’s all cool; we all like what we like. For some, Enrique Iglesias (Feb. 17 at the Bell Centre) is heaven-sent and Bon Jovi (Feb. 18-19 at the Bell Centre) will never get old – and as long as Jon keeps wearing those jeans, immortality is in sight. For those with trip-hop sensibilities, Morcheeba (Feb. 19 at Metropolis) makes a comeback from the turn of the millennium, with Montreal party favourites Think About Life. And it’s possible that Hey Rosetta! (Feb. 18 at Cabaret Mile-End) might just suit everyone, or everyone who loves super-entertaining, bombastic (with some violin thrown in for good measure) rock fun.

Marie Josee Lord photo: Caroline Laberge

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