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If you’ve ever been sitting on a airplane giggling at the “Just For Laughs Gags,” you’ve already experienced a little slice of Montreal. Seen in 75 countries, “Gags” is a hidden camera/reality TV series, and most definitely one of our greatest exports. The Just for Laughs Festival, in all its humorous forms, has begun this week in Montreal!

And if your funny bone doesn’t need tickling, we’ve got 10 other perfect reasons to come to Montreal this weekend. Take a plane. Take train. Take a kayak. Just get here if you can!


[festival] JUST FOR LAUGHS – The world’s largest comedy festival swings into full gear this weekend. A whole slew of comedians will be descending on the city, so don’t be surprised if Steve Martin decides to try some new material on you in your hotel elevator.

[entertainment] CIRQUE ÉLOIZE – Montreal is the circus Mecca of the world. You’ve probably heard of Cirque du Soleil, but we’ve got a whole bunch of troupes that are doing incredibly artistic work. Cirque Éloize is one of them. Don’t miss their show entitled “iD”!

[festival] NUIT D’AFRIQUES – Renowned for its colourful atmosphere and quality of programming, Montreal’s Festival International Nuits d’Afrique presents music and culture from 500 artists originating from more than 30 different countries across Africa, South America and the Caribbean.

[museum] CANADIAN CENTRE FOR ARCHITECTURE – You might never stop to ponder the windows in your life. But those boundaries that separate inside and outside are an important part of daily life. Check out their exhibit that explores the history of ‘the window.’

[restaurant] LA SALA ROSA – If you’ve still got Spanish fever from the World Cup win, then you can continue to celebrate the culture over some steamy tapas. The crowd is hip and the food is delicious.

[gay life] FARRAH, AN EVENING OF RETRO DANCE – Okay, so it’s not specifically a gay event, but a retro dance party hosted by the divine Plastik Patrik has got some pretty queer tendencies. Just sayin’.

[concert] CELTIC WOMEN – If you’ve got a soft spot for the mystic sounds of Celtic music, then you’re so gonna love this epic performance. It’s beautiful women singing and playing fiddles. Go get jiggy with them.

[shopping] THRIFT SHOPS OF THE MAIN – Montrealers love their thrift shops.  That is probably why you’ll find some in almost every neighborhood of the city. Conveniently, three of our favorites ones are neighbors, which makes for an easy vintage shop-hopping sessions on Saint-Laurent Boulevard.

[film festival] FANTASIA – Through an emphasis of imaginative film programming from all corners of the world, Fantasia has become the festival choice of the underground movie buff.  Whether you are into Korean horror flicks, Bollywood love stories or anything in between, you’re going to find the best of celluloid creations.

[fetish] FREAKSHOW – If you’re craving to deviate from the ordinary, then grab your latex body suit, and strut on over to this party. Bearded ladies, drunken ringleaders, granny panties and Siamese twins encouraged to attend. And yes, we’ve got you covered if you’re looking for new fetish wear.

[pyrotechnics] FIREWORKS – The top fireworks companies around the globe present 30-minute long shows on each Saturday night to compete for the top prize. The International des Feux, our International Fireworks Festival, attracts the world’s leading designers, big bang technicians and sparkly optic addicts. This Saturday features the United States of America showing off their stuff.



  1. Marie-Pierre

    / Jul 13th

    If you are looking for a nice party and you like House music, don’t miss on Saturday night :

  2. Daniel

    / Jul 14th


    Thanks Marie-Pierre!

    We encourage extra tips!

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