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Another busy weekend in Montreal! With two major festivals (Osheaga and Divers/Cité) taking place, the city will be buzzing with rock stars and drag queens. It’s the sort of weekend that dreams are made of!

We’ve got 10 suggestions to rock it out “à la Montréal” this weekend…


[music festival] OSHEAGA – Arguably the biggest music event of the year in Montreal, Osheaga is an outdoor, 2-day festival that features the coolest names in music today: Arcade Fire, Weezer, K’naan, The National, Robyn, Snoop Dogg and many more.

[lgbt festival] DIVERS/CITÉ – After nearly 20 years of celebrating the best of gay culture, music and art, Divers/Cité has another stellar line up of performers set to seduce the city. Don’t miss ‘Mascara’ – one of the biggest drag events in the world!

[restaurant] CAFÉ MÉLIÈS – Named for the famed French director, this bistro-wine bar occupies the street level section of the avant-garde eXcentris multimedia complex, and combines elegant looks with easy-breezy ambiance.

[shopping] ESPACE PEPIN – In her apartment-boutique, the artist Lysanne Pepin displays her sensual paintings as well as a house collection of clothing designed by Pepin herself. Go, and then grab a coffee & croissant across the street at Olive & Gourmando.

[sport] CYCLING – Take a 3-hour, guided bike tour along the St. Laurent River and Lachine canal. Ça Roule offers a selection of tours to gain a unique perspective of the city. We recommend the “Vista-Architecture” option to gain insight on history, landscape, and, of course, architecture.

[concert] BLACK EYED PEAS – With all the attention that Osheaga’s getting, let’s not forget that everyone’s favorite party starters are slated to play the Bell Center on Saturday night. I gotta feeling that you’d have fun at this show.

[cultural festival] CELTFEST – All day on Saturday there will fiddles flying and kilts crunking as the best of Celtic culture is honored.

[museum] ARCHAEOLOGY & HISTORY Take a trip to one of the most isolated corners of the planet — the Easter Islands — while visiting Montreal. This temporary exhibit explores the legacy of a unique culture that once was.

[equestrian arts] CAVALIA – After a successful stint last year in Montreal, the magic and emotion of Cavalia is back. I like to describe the experience as ‘Cirque du Soleil’ for the horse-lovin’ crowd. Full of charm and dramatic visual effects.

[pyrotechnics] FIREWORKS – The top fireworks companies around the globe present 30-minute long shows on each Saturday night to compete for the top prize. The International des Feux, our International Fireworks Festival, attracts the world’s leading designers, big bang technicians and sparkly optic addicts. This Saturday features Sweden! I wonder if they bought their fireworks from Ikea?


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