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We have officially entered into the delicious embrace of Montreal festival season. And we’ve never been kissed so darn sweetly.

Here are the events that will make you fall in love with Montreal (again) this weekend.


[festival] JAZZ FESTIVAL – The largest Jazz festival in the world, this Montréal institution is typically attended by two million people annually. This year you’ll be serenaded by Dave Brubeck, Cyndi Lauper, Misstress Barbara, Smokey Robinson, George Clinton and so much more. Find a tempo that works for you.

[pyrotechnics] FIREWORKS – The top fireworks companies around the globe present 30-minute long shows on Saturday nights to compete for the top prize. The International des Feux, our International Fireworks Festival, attracts the world’s leading designers, bigbang technicians and sparkly optic addicts. Poland represents this weekend!

[art] DRIVE-END – Remember Drive-In movies? The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts presents Drive-End, a collection of Martin Beauregard’s photographs, many of which show these mammoth screens sitting silently. Revisit the cinematic golden age. Free Admission.

[concert] LIONEL RITCHIE – Oh sure he’s part of the Jazz Festival (see above), but he’s also the man who brought us “Say You, Say Me.” So he gets a whole nod to himself. Say it together on June 25, naturally.

[restaurant] UPSTAIRS JAZZ BAR & GRILL – It’s the Jazz Fest! And what better place to keep the music flowing then with Chef Juan Barros and his passionate team. Traditional food with contemporary twists.

[gay life] DRAMA QUEEN – Once a month the most fashionable/glamorous/cool people of the city gather to celebrate music and life. This is your opportunity to join them. This edition they salute Lady Gaga. Where your best outfit because the paparazzi will be there.

[party] NO PANTS @ CIRQUE DE BOUDOIR – Imagine 300 people partying with no pants on. If this is your kinky version of heaven, then you are in luck; the annual Cirque de Boudoir party is this Saturday. Wear fresh underwear.

[holiday] La ST-JEAN – If you’re making it a long-weekend and arriving on Thursday, you’ll be just in time to help Quebec celebrate its cultural pride! Tons of things to see and do. Be prepared to eat a lot of poutine.

[shopping] BOUTIQUE DAVID LESAGE – It’s hot outside, but Mr. Lesage’s fashion boutique has got all you women covered with the coolest little summer dresses.  And word on the street is that he’s having a sale…


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