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Oh Montreal, why can’t you just give me a weekend off?

I keep thinking that one of these weekends there will be NOTHING to do, and I’ll be able to get caught up on sleep and pay my bills and floss my teeth and do stuff that people with spare time do. But alas, my dear Montreal, you keep presenting me with so many wonderful temptations.

Here are ten fun things to keep you in trouble this weekend.


[indie press & zine fair] EXPOZINE 2010 – A universe of publications and printed works that is hard to find anywhere, much less all in the same room! Meet hundreds of young and emerging authors, publishers and artists. Fall in love.

[documentary film fest] RIDM – The Montreal International Documentary Festival showcases more than 100 documentaries from 37 different countries. The festival proves that reality is often more hard-hitting, heart-wrenching and/or hilarious than fiction.

[party] KARNIVAL – Famous producer Buraka Som Sistema (Portugal) will play a solo set for the first time ever in Montreal!  Also up to bat will be local hero Poirier. You’ll be surrounded my Montrealers at one of the city’s most classic venues – The Belmont. Wear your best converse sneakers.

[digital & media festival] HTMlles 2010 – The only festival the world dedicated to the presentation of women’s independent media artworks from all facets of contemporary technological creation. Also: Prime cruisin’ ground for geek-chic girlfriends.

[concert] BEDOUIN SOUNDCLASH & CHARLIE WINSTON – These two classy acts have teamed up for a cross-Canada tour. On Saturday night they’ll be serenading Montreal. Swooning normal.

[contemporary dance] IT’S ABOUT TIME – If you are curious about how minutes confront each other, how they stretch or contract, about how the body moves and relates through this measure of time that can be so short or so long, then this is totally for you.

[theatre] HERE’S TO LOVE! – Creative spirits doing unconventional theatre. Brave New Productions brings “Down With Love” to life in this theatrical tribute. Grab dinner on Duluth Ave and make it a big romantical date!

[shopping] m0851 SAMPLE SALE – A Montreal-based company that we’re proud of. You can head on up to the new sexy loft in Mile End to score up to 70% off your favorite m0851 products, such as leather jackets, scarves, bags and more. Sweetness.

[gay life] DRINKS – When dinner has ended, and the bars aren’t yet hopping, what does a gay do? Well I’ll tell you — a gay goes for a cocktail.

[quirky] CIRCUS IMPROV – It’s like actors improvising, but instead the performers are circus trained. What does that mean? Well imagine acrobats free stylin’ with capricious carnie-types. The results can’t be guaranteed. For adventurous types only.


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