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This week the students of North America shined their new shoes, threw their book bags over their shoulders and headed timidly back to classes. There’s something heartwarming about watching the future generations bravely engaging in the acquirement of academic knowledge. The children are our future!

However, if those little booger dumplings are inhibiting you from taking that much-needed weekend getaway, we suggest that you drop them off at school and hit the highway. Montreal is waiting for you. And we’ve got strippers.

Here are nine great things to do this weekend in Montreal.


[art festival] LES ESCALES IMPROBABLES – With 70 artists from Montreal and beyond, this annual art celebration explores the improbabilities in realms of theatre, visual art, music, and sound. With plenty of killer parties thrown in the mix, will you do Escales by Day or Escales by Night?

[concert] BILLY IDOL – Everybody loves a rebel. Go relive your disobedient younger days with this 80’s icon. Also: Don’t feel embarrassed to dance with yourself.

[foodies] CHINATOWN – The sights and smells of Montreal’s Chinatown are a sensual experience. Whether you need to freshen up with a cup of tea or you’re looking to chow down a hefty meal, our little Asian district never disappoints.

[sport] GOLF – We have a fine selection of green spaces, and as the seasons change from summer to fall, the fairways become a stunning canvas of nature’s beauty. Besides, Montreal is famous for it’s great strokes.

[spa] STUDIO BLISS – Four-hand massage, hot stone massage, rain massage, Bliss massage — um, yes please! Or if you’re feeling ambitious, do a yoga class and stretch your way into nirvana.

[museum] CHÂTEAU DUFRESNE – As a testament to the tastes of the roaring twenties’ French bourgeoisie. It’s extravagant art and style will give you a taste of luxury, as well as highlighting Montreal’s east side history.

[off the beaten path] 3rd ANNUAL WIENER DOG RACES – If you can name something cuter than a wiener dog, I’ll buy you a drink when you visit Montreal. This event puts the “fun” in fundraiser, with proceeds going to the local SPCA.

[artistic urban safari] SPARK – An eclectic multi-venue showcase in collaboration with “Les Escales Improbables” (see above), but featuring local talent specifically from Studio 303.

[gay life] JIMMY EDGAR @ VELVET – Lover. Fighter. Prophet. Freak magnet. Time-traveler. Musician, photographer and designer Jimmy Edgar is a wayward star-child streaking across the cosmic dance-floor.


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