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Autumn is quickly approaching, and what better way to celebrate the season than with tall ships, or contemporary dancers, or lanterns!

We’ve got nine superb things to do this weekend in Montreal!


[adventure] TALL SHIPS – Five magnificent Tall Ships will call into the Montreal Quays and catalyze a huge maritime party this weekend. You’ll be able to climb aboard and explore them, including the ship used in the filming of Pirates of the Caribbean!

[contemporary dance] S’ENVOLER – The dance season has officially kicked off, and one of Montreal’s best companies, Agora de la Danse, will explore the desire to take flight. Go fly with them.

[botanical gardens] THE MAGIC OF LANTERNS – Each year the world famous Montreal botanical gardens feature stunning giant lanterns. This year’s theme, Like a Painting, is inspired by the most famous traditional Chinese painting: Qing Ming Shang He Tu.

[touring] BOAT CRUISE –  One of the best ways to see Montreal is from the mighty Saint Lawrence River. In the tradition of the Parisian Bateau Mouche, local catamaran company Belvü offers a unique vantage point to the city. Dinner cruises available for all you lovebirds. Try BELVU, Le Bateau Mouche or AML Cruises.

[spa] STROM SPA NORDIQUE – Located on the shores of Lac des Battures, overlooking the Saint-Paul forest, Strøm Nordic Spa offers a stunning natural setting for some sensual experiences. Just five minutes from downtown Montreal.

[concert] MILOW – His cover of 50 Cent’s “Ayo Technology” was one of the sleeper hits of the past year. See him sing it live. Especially relevant if you are tired of using technology. And, really, who isn’t? (Montreal Travel blogs excluded)

[gay life] QUEER SLOWDANCE – Slowdance all night long with your lover, with your friends, with strangers and with the event’s lovely Designated Dancers. Did I mention that your own Montreal Ambassador, Daniel Baylis, a designated dancer? Come sway with me.

[party] MAD MAUS – The fashionista elite congregate once a month to marinate in their chichi-ness. The theme this time through is “Witchcraft” – so prepare your best spells and cast them on the frumpy, preventing further fashion travesties.

[science museum] SEX: A TELL-ALL EXHIBTION – If you’ve got a pre-pubescent tween in tow for your Montreal getaway, this could be the PERFECT opportunity to get some help explaining the birds & the bees. Recommended for ages 12 and up.


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