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This weekend in Montreal is going to be sexy. With internationally acclaimed entertainer Scarlett James bringing her sensual burlesque festival back for locals and visitors, if there is a sudden temperature change in the city, it ain’t El Niño. It’s the body temperature of an audience gettin’ all hot and bothered.

We’ve got burlesque, art, cinema, food and even some quirky karaoke for you this weekend.


[nightlife] MONTREAL BURLESQUE FESTIVAL – The second annual Montreal Burlesque Festival promises to be bigger and better, with more nipple pasties and sexy stripteases than one could ever dream.

[visual arts] OTTO DIX EXHIBIT – The first major North American exhibition devoted to this 20th century German figure who, during WWII, portrayed society as scornful and unattractive. It’s a terrifying and beautiful collection.

[cinema] INTERNATIONAL BLACK FILM FESTIVAL – A politically incorrect festival that dares to deal with issues and present works that raise questions, that provoke, that make us smile, that leave us perplexed, that make us think, that shock us.

[spa] SPA EASTMAN – Situated on the 16th floor of an office building, it offers renewal right in the heart of the hustle and bustle of the busy metropolitan. There is no point where you’ll ever regret a massage.

[concert] APRIL WINE – Forty years into their career, these Canadian icons are still rockin’ a stellar live concert. Saturday night will be a wonderful time to fall in love!

[gay life] BISTRO NüVü – Montreal’s newest chic bistro, NüVü, has arrived. And she’s wearing designer duds. Check out their various daily themes, pick your fave and marinate in the glamour.

[shopping] RUE SAINT PAUL – A perfect example of what makes Old Montreal so special. Still paved with cobblestones in many parts and stacked with buildings whose exteriors have been around for hundreds of years, it does feel like you’ve taken a step back in time.

[photo] HAITI AFTER EARTHQUAKE – Stunning/heartbreaking photos from Prix Pictet winning Montreal photographer Benoit Aquin. Proceeds of the exhibit go to humanitarian efforts.

[explore] FOODIE TOUR OF OLD MONTREAL – an authentic discovery of the culinary, cultural and historical charms of the oldest district of Montreal, through its small and harrow cobblestone streets.

[quirky] CROWD KARAOKE – People don’t sing together anymore. Well, except if you’re in a band, or a church choir. And who even goes to church anymore? Come meet some locals as everyone stands around and sings, together.


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