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We admit it, Bring Your Own Wine restaurants, a Montréal speciality, can be hit or miss experiences.  Here are three culturally diverse classics that never disappoint. We’ve been going back to them for years with the same pleasure.


521 avenue Duluth Est, Montréal (Qc) H2L 1A8

t : 514-521-4206

For years now, Duluth street has been known for its many mediterranean-themed BYOW restaurants, but only one consistently earns its rank among the tastiest greek restaurants in the city.  Panos, as the locals simply call it, offers traditional dishes in a lively and family-friendly environment.  We come back for the lamb chops, the fried calamari, the moussaka and many others traditional delicacies.  The generous servings are made to be shared, so go ahead and order a bit of everything.


330 rue Marie-Anne Est, Montréal (Qc) H2W 1B1

t : 514-282-6342 / f : 514-597-2558

Eating at Le P’tit Plateau feels like being invited by a friend of a friend who – conveniently – is a French chef.  The ambiance is intimate but not intimidating, and the cooking is clearly fueled by a real passion for French cuisine.  Foie gras addicts will get their fix while connaisseurs of home-made sauces  will most probably ask for an extra bread basket to « clean » their plates.

If you brought a Chardonnay or a Riesling,  give the refined home-smoked salmon a try, you won’t regret it.  Note that there’s two services per evening, so if you’ve made reservations  for the first one, be aware that you will be asked to leave when the time comes for the second one; it’d be sad to do so before having the time to finish your crème caramel….


73 avenue Duluth Est, Montréal (Qc) H2W 1G9

t : 514-844-7405 /

Au Coin Berbère features a full menu of the most renowned North African classic recipes along some some new surprisingly nice variations.  Purists fear not : the restaurant owner is not a fusion-freak but rather an epicurean with an interest in local products, hence his now famous Québec rabbit couscous.  The choices on the menu may be limited but the flavors aren’t.

For a perfect dinner,  accompany the chosen plate with a bottle of Madiran or Beaujolais and end it all with a sweet mint tea.

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