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Montrealers love their thrift shops.  That is probably why you’ll find some in almost every neighbourhood of the city. Conveniently, three of our favourites ones are neighbhours, which makes for an easy vintage shop-hopping sessions on Saint-Laurent Boulevard.  Moreover, these boutiques have a unique way to play with retro stylings, making them an awful lot of fun to walk into, even when you’re not looking to actually buy anything.


I’m pretty sure every single Montrealer I know bought, at least once, something from those racks.  Famous for its second-hand leather jackets along and vintage hockey jerseys, the store also features an always-interesting selection of shoes and hats, usually in mint condition. 3976, boulevard Saint-Laurent, Montreal, QC, H2W 1Y3 / 514-842-3893


These two fairly new sister-stores make for an unparalleled kitsch time-travel experience. Elvis impersonators and Betty Page worshippers will find the complete attire for their next church basement party. Don’t be shy, everybody loves a little zebra/leopard print dress! You’ll also find some unique pieces of furniture ( the type your great aunt threw away after the fifties), some tastefully cheesy records, big ol’ shiny jewelry and, possibly, the lost collection of vintage “adult” magazines your grandfather hid from you all these years.   3972 Boul. St-Laurent Montréal, H2W 1Y3 / 514-658-2928 & 3968 Boul. St-Laurent Montréal, H2W 1Y3 / 514-845-6789


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