Thrill the family this summer at La Ronde

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TMtl-La Ronde-Le Monstre
May 18 marks the annual grand opening every thrill-seeker in town is waiting for… La Ronde!

La Ronde, the Six Flags amusement park on beautifully green Île Ste-Hélène  just off the island of Montreal is a source of excitement for everyone in the family. This year they’ve added some wet and wild action for all: it’s called the Aqua Twist, and it’s a North American first! Based on the success of the crowd favourite, the Splash, Aqua Twist is an interactive ride that will leave you drenched.
TMtl-La Ronde-Le Splash
It’s a round ride (picture a giant pool) populated with nine boats, each with six riders. Each rider is equipped with a water gun, which means IT’S WAR: you can soak both the other ships and the unsuspecting public that may be within reach in the park! But beware, they have water guns too – a whole slew of water weapons surround the outskirts of Aqua Twist, making you the perfect aim for any ill willed passersby.
TMtl-La Ronde-L'Attaque
If wet willies aren’t your thing, worry not, you’ve got 40 other rides and attractions to choose from: among them seven roller coasters that range from classic (the Monster) to friggin terrifying (the Goliath). La Ronde has got its fair share of upside downers, too, like the Attack (the name says it all), not to mention a bungee ball and last year’s star ride, the Vol Ultime, which rewrites the game in terms of flying high. Add the excitement in the air, the kiddie section, the electric gondola that crosses the entire park, the popcorn, the candyfloss and all the Beaver Tails you can eat (and try to keep down) – no wonder the thrill-seekers are stoked!



La Ronde, 22 Chemin MacDonald, Île Ste-Hélène, (514) 397-2000

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