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Timber Timbre’s violinist, Mika Posen, is the one member of the group still based in Toronto. But, by the sound of it, she might be convinced to move to lovely Montreal…

Timber Timbre make beautiful blues and free spirited folk music with a sort of swampy twist. Their self-titled album, released in 2009, has been at the top of critic’s lists around North America. At the group’s core is Taylor Kirk, a singer-songwriter who grew up in Ontario but recently relocated to Montreal. His one-time solo project has grown to include Posen and Simon Trottier, a Montrealer who also plays in Ferriswheel alongside pianist Mathieu Charbonneau (Torngat, The Luyas).
“When I think of Montreal,” says Posen “I think of beautiful buildings and beautiful people. When I think of music, I think of groups like Islands and all the great instrumental music, like Torngat and, of course, Simon’s Ferriswheel project.”

The group plays Montreal on April 29th at La Tulipe, alongside the afore-mentioned Montreal outfit, The Luyas. Having just arrived in Montreal, Posen is pretty clear about where she goes first when she gets to town.
“That’s easy- Aux Vivres! I just got in and I’ve already been twice. I’m vegetarian, but the food is just good, period.”
The group has a lot more touring ahead of them before they head back into the studio to record their next album. Posen, who also plays in Forest City Lovers, says that the group is as laidback on the road as they sounds in their songs, but mentions a certain Montreal outfit who changed things up a bit.
“We’ve been playing a bunch of shows across Quebec with the Patrick Watson guys. They’re incredible musicians, but whoa, can they party. We’re normally pretty relaxed, but we partied with them one night and we couldn’t come close to keeping up!”

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