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Hockey is more than just a sport of fighting goons, a fast puck and guys skating with a stick. Hockey is a culture, a lover and a religion to Montreal Canadiens fans. We talk hockey, we breathe hockey and we eat hockey…

Here, therefore, is a list of my Top 10 places in Montreal to eat excellent food and watch the game

  1. Ye Olde Orchard: My favourite place in the city to watch any sport and eat. You can order anything from Sri Lankin curry to Irish stew or a brilliant medium rare burger with sweet potato fries. They have HDTVs for every angle and the service is just perfect.
  2. Le Crapaud: A tad out of the way, but worth the taxi ride. They know hockey, they know food and they know how to party. You’ll find me here a few times a season.
  3. The Factory bar: Right on the Main, this place will serve you a burger (pictured above) that might take you the whole game to finish. HDTVs are everywhere and the venue has a great atmosphere for watching the Habs.
  4. Brasserie Rachel Rachel: Montreal-famous and a huge hockey fan, Bob Le Chef runs this place like no other in the city. He develops each menu item with a special touch. The upbeat venue is about the party, the awesome food and hockey.
  5. Les Plaisirs Coupables: Montreal-popular chef Jean-François Plante dedicates his restaurant to a menu of guilty pleasures. Have a Foie Gras and truffle’s oil poutine as you watch the game on their many HDTVs without sound.
  6. m:brgr: A popular burger joint in Montreal, this place shows each game. The burgers are juicy and just the way you like them. The Habs themselves frequent the place on off nights.
  7. Le BOucan: If you’re a meat-eating, BBQ-loving sports fan, book your night here. They have the most amazing BBQ and have a screen or two showing the game. The perfect night out.
  8. Brutopia: Despite technically not being a resto, they have an amazing roast beef sandwich and a few TVs for the game. As an added bonus, some say they have the best home-brewed beers in town. I go here often with my friends.
  9. Lucille’s Oyster Dive: A small place with an awesome seafood menu (pictured below). With a few TVs over the bar, this place is ideal for watching the game as you take down a few oysters.
  10. Vieux Port Steakhouse: If you’re looking for something a bit more steak frites, this steak house in the Old Port has a special room just for watching the game as you eat.

Born and raised in Montreal, Na’eem Adam is a guest blogger with nothing but food and the Habs on his mind. You can find more info on restaurants that show the hockey games on his blog, Le Méchant Mangeur.


  1. Zeke

    / Apr 26th


    You forgot the Grand Bayou (12 Rachel West) Magnan’s (2601 St. Patrick) and DNA (355 Margueritte d’Youville).

    And I would respectfully disagree with you, strongly, about Ye Olde Orchard (all four of them) and m:brgr (which you misspelled).

  2. steven

    / Apr 27th

    I love Ye Olde Orchard. Great food each time I go. They also have enough screens. Thanks for the list.

  3. Griffintown Cafe

    / Feb 27th

    Naemm, you forgot the griffintown cafe where we do hockey evenings when habs are on the ice. otherwise, live jazz !

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