Top 10 Things to do in Fall in Montreal

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Summer is coming to an end. Children are back to school and you’ve come to terms with saying farewell to your favourite pair of sandals. But rest assured, there are still a bunch of festivals, activities and amazing things to do in Montreal!
Here are my Top 10 things to do in Montreal this fall:
1) Mount-Royal: Watching the leaves turn from green to red is one of my favourite fall activities. A WALK ON MOUNT ROYAL anytime between the end of September until mid-November is all you need to feel like you’re in a Monet painting. It also gets bonus points for being absolutely FREE!
2) The Documentary Film Festival: Known as “LES RENCONTRES INTERNATIONALES DU DOCUMENTAIRE,” this is one film festival I never miss. And if you’re interested in social, political and environmental issues, this event is made for you! November 11 to 21.
3) The Chinese Lanterns Festival: Montreal’s MAGIC OF LANTERNS is your opportunity to see more than 700 Chinese lanterns light up Montreal’s Botanical Garden. Located more specifically in the Chinese Garden, it is a must-see if you’re in town between September 11 and November 1.
4) Montreal Fashion Week: One thing I love doing is attending fashion shows. Unlike New York, the great thing about MONTREAL’S FASHION WEEK is that you can actually attend! Yes, many of the shows are open to the general public! Check out the schedule of this fall’s shows and discover some great local designers! October 13 to 15

5) POP Montreal Festival: If you’re an indie music lover, you will have a blast at POP MONTREAL, an annual musical festival that presents more than 400 acts at more than 50 venues around the city. Many art and film events are also linked to Pop Montreal. So if emerging and indie culture is your thing, you won’t want to miss this! September 30 to October 4.

6) Hot Chocolate Comfort: I’m a BIG fan of hot chocolate. The feeling of being bundled up in a wool sweater and cashmere scarf, strolling up St-Denis Street with a cup of hot chocolate in my hands is pretty much perfect. As perfect as the hot chocolate found at JULIETTE & CHOCOLAT, where they serve some sinful “vintage chocolate.”
7) Apple-Picking: Getting a bunch of girlfriends together and going apple-picking is really fun! Now if you suspect you might not have the time to eat all those bags of fruit you filled before leaving, why don’t you keep a few for yourself and give the rest to the farmer. If he’s nice, he might give you a delicious apple pie in return! Another popular choice is to pack some bread and cheese with you and have a picnic in the orchard. Click here for a GOOGLE MAP OF APPLE-PICKING AROUND THE ISLAND OF MONTREAL.
8) Photography Month: September 10 to October 10 is “LE MOIS DE LA PHOTO” in Montreal. Personally, this international biennale of contemporary photography is one of my favorite fall highlights. The theme of this year, Spaces of the Image, will consist of more than 20 solo exhibitions, featuring works by artists from Quebec, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Democratic Republic of Congo, France, Israel, Lebanon, Netherlands, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom and the United States. Enough to inspire you to go snap a few of your own!
9)  Festival du Nouveau Cinema: Yet another Film Festival! If you like independent films, cinema d’auteur and digital production, FESTIVAL DU NOUVEAU CINEMA is where you’ll be able to see original and largely unseen works. Also features film from Quebecois, Canadian and international artists. October 7 to 18.
10)  Atwater and Jean Talon Markets: On the weekend, I get a lot of pleasure walking through Montreal’s two biggest outdoor markets. Plus, the pumpkins are out, the fruits are extra-ripe and you get access to the best FREE FOOD IN MONTREAL!  Yummy!


  1. barb derick

    / Oct 12th

    i miss montreal i grew up there

  2. Malu Chenier-jones

    / Oct 5th

    VIDA SANA is also having a fall festival for kids this month. They’ll be pumpkin carving, scarecrow making and even a haunted house! They have a Facebook page, go check them out!

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