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The crucifixion of Louis Vitton, by Carlito Dalceggio, 2009

The only downfall of having endless amounts of galleries and museums in Montreal is that with so many options, it actually becomes hard to choose what to put on your « To See while I’m in Montreal » list. To help you resolve this issue, I’m retaliating with a list of my own.

Here are my Top 5 exhibitions to see in Montreal this spring/summer.

1) We Want Miles

A multimedia retrospective of the career of Miles Davis presented at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. If you have time for one and only one expo, it should (in my very humble opinion), be this one.  I was there for the exhibition premiere and also got to chat with Miles Davis’ son. I talk about it all in a previous, awesome post.

Where: Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, 380 Sherbrooke West, Peel or Guy-Concordia Metro.
When: April 30 – August 29, 2010
Info: (514) 285-1600

2) Other Space Odysseys

Architects Greg Lynn, Michael Maltzan and Alessandro Poli test new ideas for life on Earth in this inventive exhibition presented at the Canadian Centre of Architecture.  Ever wondered what a futuristic highway connecting the Moon to the Earth would look like? If so, you’ll be very pleased by the real and virtual odysseys presented at this exhibition.

Where: Canadian Centre for Architecture, 1920 Baile Street, corner of St. Marc; Guy-Concordia Metro.
When: April 8 – September 6
Info : (514) 398-7100

3) Sex : a Tell-All Exhibiton

Although I don’t have a kid, I know I’m not looking forward to the day my teenage daughter will ask me about sex.  Still, teenagers’ questions about sexuality are only legitimate and deserve to be addressed in an open and positive fashion. Sex : a Tell-All Exhibiton is structured into five themed zones, and answers over 100 basic questions about sexuality, to help you get through the inevitable sex talk.

Where: Montreal Science Center, Quays of the Old Port of Montreal, Champ-de-Mars Metro
When: April 15, 2010 – March 6, 2011
Info: (514) 496-4724 (reserve your tickets!)

4) FEAR OF DEATH – DEATH OF FEAR by Carlito Dalceggio

I’m a huge fan of Carlito Dalceggio’s work. His art really speaks to me, mostly because I feel I deep sense of connectedness to the ultimate message that constantly pervades his work : love and freedom. FEAR OF DEATH – DEATH OF FEAR was conceived during Carlito’s many travels, somewhere between the Mexican desert, Thailand and India. The installation creates a bridge between life and death, legends and reality, sacred symbols and vernacular icons.

Where: Galerie SAS, 372, Sainte-Catherine West suite 416, Place des Arts Metro
When: April 29  – May 29
Info: (514) 878 3409

5) Easter Island, an epic voyage

Do you know about Rapa Nui? No? Don’t feel bad. Rapa Nui, or Easter Island, is one of the most isolated places on the planet. It’s a tiny speck of land (165 km2 — three times smaller than Montréal Island) in the Pacific Ocean, some 3,600 km west of Chile. Yet the culture and history of its people, the Rapanui, represent an important part of our world heritage.  This expo, presented at the Montreal Museum of Archaeology and History Pointe-à-Callière, will display over 200 pieces from the precious collections of some twenty European and North American lenders.

Where: Pointe-à-Callière Museum, 350 Place Royale, corner of de la Commune, Old Montréal, Square-Victoria Metro
When: June 8 – November 14
Info: (514) 872-9150


  1. Eunice

    / Apr 1st

    The Dalceggio exhibit was simply AmAZING!!

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