Top Ten Places to Spot a Cutie in Montréal

Posted on July 7th, 2009 by .

Whether you’re looking for some eye candy to get over a bad breakup or simply want to have fun, I’ve got you covered. Here are the top ten places to spot a good-looking man in Montreal!
1) The Shirtless Man Running Up A Storm: MOUNT ROYAL [Although it might be difficult to strike a conversation with a man who’s running at full speed, he’ll eventually have to stop and take a breather. Two days ago, my girl spotted Vincent Lecavalier (hockey God extraordinaire) shirtless and dripping in sweat. And she won’t stop talking about it!]
2) The Unwinding Lawyer: SUITE 701’s ROOFTOP PATIO [If you like a man in a suit (lawyers, bankers, or any other Wall Street type), put on your heels and little dress and head to Suite 701, where men like to loosen their ties.]
3) The Jazzman: LA MAISON DU FESTIVAL [A brand-new venue and classy bistro inaugurated for the Jazz Festival’s 30th anniversary. Here your average man is in his forties and loves all things jazz and groovy.]
4) The Artist: CAFÉ OLYMPICO [St-Viateur is the best street to spot a laid-back man with a keen love for the arts. Café Olympico has a beautiful patio, so if you’re not into the men, you should at least grab a coffee and stay a while. ]
5) The Pet Lover: LAFONTAINE PARK [Awwwww, what a cute little doooggie! There’s nothing easier than picking up a man walking his dog. Get on it!]
6) The Dancing Queen: PIKNIC ELECTRONIC [Here you’ll find guys in their mid-twenties and thirties grooving to electronic music all day long. If you like to be in the scene and party like there’s no tomorrow, Piknic is for you.]
7) The Jock: MONTREAL CANADIENS HOCKEY GAME [Great place to spot a jock. Try the boxes; they’re full of young professionals out for a good time.]
8) The Intellectual: MONTREAL’S NATIONAL LIBRARY [Taking a stroll here might mean bumping into a hot, well-read man. Check out the café for one that will stimulate your mind.]
9) The Wine LoverPULLMAN [They say wine drinkers are sensitive creatures. Check out this wine bar; it’s full of men who know how to appreciate the finer things in life.]
10) Fresh Meat: MCGILL’S LOWER STUDENT CAMPUS [Pulling a Samantha on a younger man is a definite ego-boost. Show them how it’s done and make them remember you forever!]

Did you spot a cutie in Montréal? Leave a comment and tell me where!

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