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A reliable (if not tedious) way to see a city is to get on a bus and take a guided tour. You’ll cover tons of ground, but might end up falling asleep along the way.

Tour busT, on the other hand, is everything but tedious.

Check out this highly original mixture of road trip and theater in its world premiere…

It’s a 45-minute, exclusive 30-seat bus tour of the hottest dream vacation destinations on earth. Part performance, comedy, theatre, video installation, and homage to Montréal’s Depression-era Nowhere Tour, Skidmore (the creator of this experience) and crew take passengers on a transcontinental thrill ride.

This is no ordinary Greyhound.

I’ll be on the 8pm tour. Hope to see you there.

* * *

SATURDAY JUNE 6 – Two Tours Only! 8pm & 10pm

TICKETS: $15 on sale online
Seating is VERY limited.
You must purchase your ticket in advance.
BUS EMBARKATION: Darling Foundry, 745 Ottawa, metro Square-Victoria
Please arrive 15 minutes before boarding.

Info: 514-393-3771 or

* * *

Skidmore has been called a trans-media trans-disciplinary performer, a stand-up word artist, and the hottest guy in bow tie. From page to stage, Skidmore established a salient voice as a Montréal-based art and culture critic throughout the 90s, experimenting with conventions of comedy, and narrative storytelling after dark. Since ending her long-term relationship with the media in 2003, this reluctant exhibitionist devotes herself completely to writing, performing, and aural fixations.

To know more about Skidmore, you can visit her website at

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