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“Everyone loves something clever, inventive and well made. Our products cut right across every demographic line.”

-Christopher Spillane (Owner of Il Était Deux Fois)


Each year there is a massive amount of junk being tossed in landfills. It’s not a pretty picture. But, thankfully, I’m not here to kill your buzz with a lecture on sustainability. Instead, I’m going to gush about one Montréal store that is making art through rubbish. And in doing so, making our planet a bit greener.

Il Était Deux Fois (pronounced “eel ett-ay duh fwoy”) is becoming a Montréal institution for those looking for creative products, while still maintaining a social/ecological approach to consumerism.  Roughly translated to “The Second Time,” the boutique is packed full of unique products that embody the two principals of design: form and function.

The creative items found in the store are sourced through hundreds of hours of Internet research. Owner Christopher Spillane and his wife are constantly scanning the web to see what new and creative recycled things are out there. To encourage the local economy while reducing a carbon footprint, priority is given firstly to Quebec products, and then Canada, and then the world.

And travelers to Montréal are taking note, says Christopher…

“We are in the heart of the tourist action in Old Montréal. When people visit our store and see the second life that has been given to all of our products, they are truly impressed. I’m sure when they return home and talk about their trip to Montréal they say, “Wow, you should have seen this little boutique we visited in Montréal.” Montréal is know for the arts and creative people and we feel we give a venue for many of our very clever and eco-conscious designers/artists.”

So whether it’s a funky messenger bag made from retired truck inner tubes (popular with the fellows) or a pair of stunning earrings made from 8mm film (a hit with the ladies) or notebooks made from old record albums (trendy with everyone), there is a good chance that you’ll find something uniquely “Montréal” to show the folks back home.



Il Était Deux Fois
Plateau Boutique: 4539 St. Laurent Blvd (MAP)
Old Montréal Boutique: #17 Quai King Edward (MAP) (under construction)



clocks of records

45 RPM clocks. Made by Vinylux. 34$ each.


Album cover notebooks. Made in Montréal by Il Était Deux Fois. 7$-14$. (And yes, that's Rod Stewart's beautiful face looking at you.)

Wine Bottles (flattened)

Flattened wine bottles. Made by Atelier Verre Terre. 12$ each. (Perfect for serving cheese or appetizers!)

recycled dolls

Katkaland recycled dolls. Made by Katka Hubacheck. 25$-45$

clocks from cameras

Camera clocks. Stroke of Art. 160$.


PS: If you pop in, tell Christopher that you heard about the store on The Montréal Buzz!


  1. isa

    / Apr 19th

    cool recycled collage media belts too!

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