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Yes, it’s a tad nippy in Montreal. But thankfully part of Nuit Blanche, one of the highlights of the Montreal High Lights Festival, goes down under the ground…

The Montreal High Lights Festival starts on February 17 and runs until the 27. The 10-day fest offers food, entertainment and art, which all come together during the massively popular all-nighter called Nuit Blanche which starts on the 26th and goes well into the next day. One of the neatest parts of the event is the kick-off of Art Souterrain, where art is exhibited all over Montreal’s underground. You can stay warm while viewing!

During the event, Montreal’s underground city plays host to all sorts of fabulous art, films and performances. Discover the best and the brightest of Montreal’s art scene– both established and emerging artists. One of my favorites is the bluer-than-blue piece by Shayne Dark called Tanglewood (pictured above), which you can find it in the atrium of the Place de la Cité Internationale (Metro Square Victoria). Artist Isabelle Hayeur has an installation that totally transforms the passageways of the Quartier International- an absolute must see! And make sure to visit the McGill metro station where you can not only experience Alana Riley’s Love Songs but Manon de Pauw’s Échelle humaine [Human Scale] as well.

(TIP: Don’t forget to look up- some art is on the ceiling!)

Art Souterrain, which runs until March 13, features over 100 projects by contemporary photo, video, performance and installation artists. During Nuit Blanche, most of the artists (and a slew of volunteers) will be on hand to help guide you through the underground map. And even if you’re the solo type, this year they’ve launched a very cool iPhone App that will serve as your mobile guide to the event.

The art and architecture of Montreal’s subway system is fascinating in itself, but with Art Souterrain and Nuit Blanche on board, this will truly be a special event. See you under the streets!

Nuit Blanche, February 26

Art Souterrain, February 26-March 13

(Featured: John Oswald’s Hover, Shayne Dark’s Tanglewood, EntreZones5 by Nicholas Podschelni, Photo Credits: © Art Souterrain)

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