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Parcours Numériques is a collection of video installations that you’ll find in the Quartier des spectacles between May 17 and June 3, starting every night at sunset and ending around 2 am…

Like the Quartier des Spectacles’s previous undertaking, Luminotherapie, these installations do a great job of turning structures in the area into cutting-edge canvases that help us reimagine and reinterpret our urban landscape. Or, at the very least, make it look cooler. Parcours Numerique is part of Montreal’s first International Digital Arts Biennial (April 18-June 13, 2012), which celebrates the relationship between art, culture and digital technology, and was created in collaboration with the longtime digital pioneers involved with the Elektra and Mutek fests.

The experiences offered vary as much as the artists behind them and the canvases they’re working on. Pictured at the top is 21 OBSTACLES, which turns the building’s facade into a huge video game, while immediately above is Bla Bla, a wonderful interactive tale told by Vincent Morrisset that you can also explore in website form.

At the Grand Bibliotheque, you’ll find Herman Kolgen’s naturalistic MINDWIND, which is constantly changing based on the city’s ambiant noise, while at the corner of Bleury and St-Catherine you’ll run into TEMPETES, Yan Breuleux’ animated 3D tableaux designed to provoke conversation about climate change.

We’ve only touched on half of the absolutely unique pieces being presented all over the QDS, so make sure you get a chance to explore them yourself. Unless you’re not into cool things.


Parcours Numériques, May 17-June 3, 2012, Sunset-2 am.

Photos: Eva Blue

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