Weird Montreal Holiday Parties

Posted on November 30th, 2009 by .

If you’re anything like me, you have more than enough egg nog-fueled events coming up on your social calendar. Sure, the holiday season is a time to give thanks, but it has also become a time to wear bad sweaters while making endless small talk. Thank Christmas that there are some off-the-wall holiday events going on this year in Montreal that allow you to celebrate the season while actually having a good time…

Heavy Metal Xmas: Even just writing out the name of that event makes me excited. What better way to celebrate this festive season than by praying to the dark lords of the wailing guitar? Montreal, which has a long history of appreciating the dark art of guitar shredding, has an awesome party on tap: a night of music from legendary local act Voivod, plus Les Ekorches and Inepsy at Club Soda on December 12th. Prepare for a night of musical mayhem that Santa would not approve of.

Nativitas, A Christmas Celebration: The only way this is “weird” is in relation to the other events listed here: on December 4th at Christ Church Cathedral, Iwan Edwards directs the women of Concerto Della Donna in a night of Christmas music.

Le Party des Fêtes à Lapointe: One of Quebec’s original bad boys of rock, Eric Lapointe, has been throwing a holiday concert spectacular for 10 years now. This year he’s got two events at Metropolis, one on December 19th and one on the 31st, both of which also feature performances from Marjo and Marie-Mai. At the very least, you should at least check out the poster for this show, which has all 3 musicians dressed up like sexy people made of tin.

Blue Christmas in Montreal: On December 18th at Sala Rossa, there’s a blues dance party with not only the Rick L. Blues band, but DJs and blues dancing classes. Why is this “weird”? I didn’t know that you could dance to blues music, let alone take classes for it.

Thomas Von Party: This one is not a specifically Yuletide-oriented event, but Thomas Von Party, who is the younger brother of internationally renowned DJ and producer Tiga, has party-rocking in his DNA and this time of year is supposed to be all about family. I mean, whose family doesn’t get a little wild in December? He throws down on the 11th at Foufones Electroniques.

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