Where to find Karaoke in Montreal

Posted on November 3rd, 2009 by .

As the video above demonstrates, everyone who lives at my apartment takes karaoke very seriously. Though my colleagues Daniel and Tamy have already taken a stroll down questionable-singing-street, I thought I’d give you an overview of what Montreal’s karaoke scene has to offer the late-night visitor to the city…

BAR ZOE: Devoted to the inter-related arts of karaoke and cocktails, Bar Zoe has over 150,000 songs for you to massacre in person. Need more kitsch you say? Bar Zoe’s food menu is mainly devoted to the lost 70s art of the fondue. Open till 3am. 3296 Jean-Talon E., 514-374-0666

MELODY KTV: For whatever reason, this address has been home to a surprisingly long list of karaoke spots over the years. It’s probably located where some Celine Dion and Bon Jovi fault lines intersect. Because of a somewhat confusing pay system, this one is only a good option if you’ve got a large group with you. If you feel like going a bit classy before letting it all hang out, Sukara Gardens (one of Montreal’s oldest Japanese restaurants) is right across the street. Open till 3am. 2151 Rue de la Montagne, 514-844-1791

CLUB KARAOKE CASH BOX: Montreal’s biggest karaoke spot features 13 private areas as well as one massive room that will allow you to embarrass yourself in front of up to 100 people. Not only that, but you can wail your way through songs in Chinese, English, Spanish, Japanese and Korean. Open till 3am. 1231 Ste-Catherine W., 514-842-6688

There are, of course, spots all over the city that have karaoke nights- perhaps not shockingly, Montreal’s Irish Pubs usually have one or two. But here’s the real insider tip: if you’re looking, for some insane reason, for karaoke that goes even later than 3am, you’ve got to head down to Chinatown, which is packed with them. But Brendan, you might be saying to yourself, give me some names. And to that, dear reader, I’d respond: even if it weren’t 4 in the morning when I visited these places, I still would have no idea what they were actually called. Just follow the signs that say “karaoke”. For this type of late mission, I say go with the seediest looking one.


  1. Farah

    / Jul 25th

    What about Pang Pang Karaoke? and in terms of prices…which one would you suggest for a group of broke students?

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