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Looking for a romantic spot to propose to your lady? (Or your man?) Montreal has so many choice locations to pop the question. Here’s a list to get you down on one knee…

After the hearty response to my Romantic Valentine’s Day post, I was delighted and relieved to see that I’m not the only lovesick fool left in the city. Not too long ago, my girlfriend Georgia and her boyfriend Louis got engaged (congratulations, you love birds!) – and, gosh, did he do it right, by creating a quality proposal that involved the following three ingredients:

  1. Beautiful view or special ambience: Nothing gets a girl more than a full moon reflected on the water, a crackling fire, candles, starry night, rose petals and softly falling snow – not necessarily all at once, but if you can swing it, I say, “Go for it.” You get the picture. (The next full moon, FYI, is on April 17, then May 17. Or see this moon calendar for more dates.)
  2. Romance (kitsch) factor: This one is a sensitive issue, as one girl’s “Oh, how sweet” is another girl’s “How tacky.” Know. Her. Well.
  3. Element of surprise: Not always necessary, but can boost your romance factor exponentially if you can work it in successfully.

Combining Louis’ advice and my own extensive knowledge of all things romantic, here are my top three places in Montreal to ask for your lady’s hand in marriage – men, are you taking notes?

In Old Montreal: Okay TomKat did Paris and the Eiffel tower, a little predictable. Why not stir things up by coming to the Paris of North America? You’ll have all the cobblestones, candlelit restaurants with old stonewalls and horse-drawn carriages to last you for days. There are also two perfect boutique hotels nearby that have equally stunning views. Ask for one the balcony suites at Le Place D’Armes (pictured above), which has an awe-inspiring view of the water. By the way, they also have a steamy co-ed hammam.

Or why not go all out and book the penthouse (#510) at Hotel Nelligan. The atrium on the first floor also has these private little alcoves for prime canoodling. Let the concierge be your new best friend in working out the details. If you’re looking for a quiet little restaurant, I’d hit Club Chasse et Peche. It’s located in a quiet corner of Old Montreal, yes, on a cobblestone street. There’s no sign on the door, so it has a speakeasy kind of feel. And the dining room is dimly lit just so.

On Mount Royal: The lookout just in front of the chalet on Mount Royal might be a nice spot, perhaps, when she’s already taking a break on the steps. (Tip: she’ll be less suspecting on a weekday night and there’ll also be less people.) She might say something like “What a beautiful view” and you can reply “Not as beautiful as the future I see in your eyes.” Just call me Cyrano. Or for nature lovers, why not have a picnic by Beaver Lake on a sunny afternoon and, after she’s giddy on bubbly and you’re getting cosy on your cashmere blanket, spring out that little box.On the same day as Prince William and Kate: Granted, this is not a place. It’s an event. But the Loews Hotel Vogue has a package out over the day of the British couple’s wedding, April 28-30, 2011. And imagine that, what girl wouldn’t want to steal Kate Middleton’s thunder on the wedding of the century? The Loews Loves Love deal is set up to make you and your lady feel like royalty, as you “attend” the U.K. wedding (via your television, if this is getting confusing). When you arrive for your two-night stay, you’ll get wedding favours at check-in, a 6 a.m. wake-up call the morning of the wedding (11 a.m. in London), along with a traditional English breakfast and champagne. Cheers! Here’s an idea: how romantic would it be if that diamond solitaire arrived on a silver platter? You could turn to her after she’s stuffed her face with eggs Benedict and ask “Be my princess?” If she were not the type to put her finger down her throat, I’d say you have that one in the bag.



Place D’Armes, 55 Rue Saint-Jacques, (514) 842-1887

Hotel Nelligan, 106 rue St-Paul ouest, (514) 788-2040

Club Chasse Et Peche, 423 St Claude, (514) 861-1112

Loews Hotel Vogue, 1425 de la Montagne, (514) 285-5555

Photo Credit: Quays of the Old Port of Montreal- Marie-Reine Mattera; Place D’Armes- Gleb Gomberg


  1. Nathalie Mailhot

    / Apr 13th

    Hi Patricia!
    Great to see Old Montreal in the hot spots for proposals. Le Bateau-Mouche is in the heart of it when it comes to proposals! Many last season.
    Please visit our re-vamped website and discover our new catering partner: Louis-François Marcotte from Simpléchic Traiteur.
    I hope we can welcome you aboard during the 2011 season

  2. Josh Silver

    / Apr 13th

    Hi Patricia!

    I just want to say that I read your articles all the time, and find them to be highly informative, interesting to read, and fun!! You have a great way of describing events in order to give the reader a real sense as to what was happening. Keep up the good work!! Thank you…

  3. Alan

    / Apr 13th

    My friend from New York came up and proposed to his (now) wife at La Queue de Cheval Steakhouse. He said their General Manager took care of everything like a concierge and had a choice of the terrace or third floor Tea Room Salon Prive so that they could be alone for the proposal. Needless to say, she said YES!

  4. Norman

    / Mar 16th

    Marta (sister of the bride) – The pictures are raabthteking and so much like the couple itself !! You guys really capture their personnality and essence of their feelings and your both lots of fun to have around !! Good job guys, Beautiful work !!

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