Where’s the Nightlife in Downtown Montreal?

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In the summer, Montreal’s downtown core is hopping almost every night of the week. From the Jazz Fest to Just for Laughs to Francopholies, you can basically just wander down and find an evening’s worth of entertainment. But when festival season packs up shop for the winter, most people think that the area’s nightlife scene disappears with it. But, with a little digging, Montreal’s downtown reveals that there’s more going on there after-dark than you might think…

In Montreal’s downtown core you have several universities and a lot of offices. Combine these two together and it’s no surprise that there are an incredible amount of PUBS in the area. But where neighborhoods like the Plateau and Old Montreal have enough bars and nightclubs for every shade of night owl, it takes a little more work to find something different downtown. Here are a couple picks:

Dominion Square Tavern: Known as the Dominion Pub for the last several decades, this beloved downtown watering hole is being refurbished by the owner of Baldwin Barmacie and reclaiming the name by which it was known in the 1920s. The rumour is that it’s going to be a relaxed gastro-pub, perfect for a meal or a couple bottles of wine. It opens at the end of November. 1243 Metcalfe

W Hotel: W hotels have become famous around the world as much for their bars and nightlife scene as they have for their rooms. The Montreal W boasts 3 of them: you’ve got Bartini, the quick-drink with a friend spot, Wunderbar, the W’s multi-level flagship bar that is packed with pretty people on Wednesday and Thursday nights, and finally the Plateau Lounge, a relaxed nightlife refuge with DJs spinning Thursday-Saturday night. 901 Square Victoria

Benelux: Did you say beer? I could have sworn you did. Perfect timing on your part, as I was about to mention Benelux, one of my favourite places to get great artisanal beer that’s brewed on the premises (do not leave without trying the “Yakima” pale ale). The bar’s sleek, open interior is a perfect place for high-end suds- see if you can find Benelux’s “secret room”. 245 Sherbrooke Ouest

Nyk’s: Ok fine, Nyk’s is basically a pub, but it’s a bistro pub with pretty great food and a top-notch wine and scotch list. Located a short walk from the MACM, this tucked-away spot is a step-up from the sea of pubs that surround it because of the aforementioned food and live jazz that throws down a couple times a week. 1250 Bleury

Dominion Square Tavern photo taken by DAVE ID

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