Whip It! Roller-Derby Girls in Montreal

Posted on July 30th, 2009 by .

Hey, Drew Barrymore (aka the director of soon to be released roller derby movie Whip It). Maybe you should send Ellen Page to do some field research in Montreal. Because when it comes to derby, I’m pretty sure Montreal could hit Austin with a major hip check.
In fact, not only does the Montreal Roller Derby League include some of the baddest bodycheckers in the biz, they’ve also got some hot punk-rock style that makes for great entertainment. Couple that with a nice cold brew (Pabst Blue Ribbon beer!) and you’ve got yourself an afternoon of fun in Montreal’s happening Mile End arena.
Indeed, a rad sport such as derby deserves to be in Montreal’s raddest neighborhood… Hence, Mile End. That specific neck of the woods feels a bit like New York’s Meat Packing District. Semi-industrial, semi-dubious and fully-amazing.
When you get to the door, expect to pay $10 and spend a few minutes trying to understand what’s going on (if you’re a roller derby first-timer, that is). But once you get it, it’s great. After my first visit last week, I’m now officially addicted to roller derby. Retro revival, cheap beer, great music, aggressive tattooed girls in skirts and fishnets…
Whoa. This is better than ANY movie!
Insider tip: Try the suicide seats (right along the edge of the track). Sit behind the bear-can pyramid. Wait for a girl to wipe out. Fun guaranteed.
Montreal Roller Derby League
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