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Posted on April 28th, 2009 by .

The return of summer in Montréal means that you can stay up late all night, enjoy wine and cheese in the park, and flipflop your way through the city with sparkling pop songs in your iPod. And whether you speak English or French, fun is multilingual.
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Last weekend was the return of summer in Montréal. It’s time for flipflops, sparkling pop songs and picnics in parks again. And that’s pretty much what I did for the entire weekend.

Friday night was spent on a patio on Avenue du Parc with friends, discussing life and beautiful typefaces until 3 something in the morning. Saturday morning, I woke up earlier than usual (I mean, around 10 a.m.) and enjoyed ice tea on the newly reopened patio at Laïka, my favourite bar in town and one of the best places where to listen to amazing  DJs, while working, thanks to free Internet access. My place still hasn’t got Internet yet – and I have a feeling it won’t for another couple of weeks, since working at Laïka is the perfect pretence to get a vodka tonic as well.

Later in the afternoon, I walked up Parc and met Tamy, and we brought some wine and cheese for a picnic in Jeanne-Mance Park. And finally, to complete my journey, I had my first barbecue of the season with friends on Saturday night, followed by crazy dancing to songs by Brigitte Bardot with French expats somehow reminiscent of Serge Gainsbourg, who left the City of Lights for Montréal.

When I woke up this morning, I realized that my weekend had been a joyous mix of cultures and genres, torn between dinner parties in English and late night drinking in French, and sometimes even mixing both languages when friends meet. It’s probably the beauty of it all: whether you were born and raised on the West Coast, or grew up surrounded by baguette bread and Ladurée pastries, you feel at home here, no matter what language you speak. Montréal is perhaps the best example of a cosmopolitan city made out of influences from the four corners of the world. And when it’s twenty-something degrees outside and there’s a warm, bright sun, happiness is a universal feeling.

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