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Mount Royal (Mont Royal) was climbed by Jacques Cartier in 1535, sculpted in 1876 by the designer of New York’s Central Park, and is where Montreal gets its name. It remains an area that truly unites the city, any season of the year…

In the summer, the centrally-located Mount Royal park is home to the Tam Tams, picnics, scenic views, leisurely walks and all sorts of way more strenuous athletics. In winter, as the video above demonstrates, the mountain stays extremely active. The fact that this amazing resource is only a couple short city blocks away from many Montrealers is one of the truly great selling points of the city. Mount Royal boasts a range of iconic features, like The Cross, which can be seen from all over the city, and St. Joseph’s Oratory, the spectacular basilica to whom Saint André Bessette is indelibly connected.

While we’re on the subject of Mount Royal, the National Film Board (NFB) has created an incredible, interactive and award-winning website that asks all fans of the mountain, Montrealers and visitors alike, to share memories of their time spent there…

In short, Holy Mountain (Sacrée Montagne) is an ever-evolving love letter to Mount Royal. It asks visitors to call 1-877-55-SOUVENIR and record a message about their memories of the mountain. These messages then become a part of the soundtrack that everyone who visits the website can hear when exploring the site. So, even if you’ve only visited Montreal briefly, you can become a permanent part of why Mount Royal will always be a special part of Montreal.

And, while the video above does show how special the mountain is in the winter, let’s face it- everything is nicer under the summer sun. We’ll make sure to make another video showing you why…

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