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We’ve already told you about the best places to go skating in Montreal. But what about all the rest of the winter sports one can do? Your cross-country-skiing, your snowshoeing, your tobogganing and the like? Well, fear not my near-frozen friends, we’ve got you covered there too…



Sure, downhill skiing is fun but the true post-autumn athlete looks to cross-country skiing for the ultimate winter workout. And where there is cross-country skiing, there is usually room to snowshoe, an increasingly popular way of making walking more fun and turn-of-the-century-like. If you want to stay in the city core, hit up versatile Mount Royal Park which has tons of trails circling its peak and even a learn-to-ski program for the kiddies. Or head to Parc Maisonneuve, whose 18 kilometers of trails begin at the Botanical Gardens. For a more rustic ski experience, the Bois de L’Ile Bizard, in western Laval, is a great call, However the more serious skiers may want to head out to Cap-Saint-Jacques Nature Park, Montreal’s largest park, which has 30 kilometers of cross-country skiing trails surrounded by pure unadulterated nature. To do a full perusal of what Montreal’s parks have to offer the winter warrior, take a second to look over this list of Montreal’s Parks.



But maybe you want some winter fun that is decidedly less work. And nothing says “fun while sitting down” like tobogganing. Again, your first stop should be Mount Royal Park. The slopes on the Avenue du Parc entrance are very popular, but the true tobogganist will want to head up to Beaver Lake, which has a series of icy (read: super fast) paths that you can kamikaze down on your own sleds or while comfortably nestled atop an inner tube that can be rented nearby. During la Fete des Neiges, you can get your toboggan on at Parc Jean-Drappeau and, finally, if you head to the des Champs entrance of the Parc-Nature Bois-de-Liesse, you’ll find hills devoted exclusively to the sledding arts.




Perhaps not surprisingly, to experience the best downhill skiing, dog sledding and ice fishing, you really have to leave the city. But we wouldn’t send you out into the wild without a starting point and this great list of winter activities in Quebec should get you started on the right path.


  1. Everyone is loving the winter sports in Montreal. There are many activities to enjoy with.

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