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C2-MTL: Fueling creative thinking to drive business success

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C2-MTL is not just a conference, it’s an experience, and they’re gearing up for round two. This year’s convention will be held at Arsenal, Montréal’s hottest venue for contemporary art and events, from May 21 to 23. More than 1,000 participants (85% c-level executives from over 30 countries) and world-class speakers will come together in an immersive environment designed to break down creative barriers and spark business innovation.

Commerce + Creativity = C2-MTL

C2-MTL SpeakersC2-MTL uses unique, unconventional experiences to stimulate creativity and turn the typical conference model on its ear. Attendees can pick and choose how they engage with a line-up of relevant, industry-leading speakers, such as:

Talks at C2-MTL will be offered in several formats, many of which move speakers off the stage and into small discussion groups, allowing more in-depth access to teachers and tools from over 30 industries. Larger-format presentations will be amped-up multimedia events, and real-world case studies will help participants convert their abstract ideas into concrete solutions.

Sir Richard Branson: Crowdsourcing to end the war on drugs

C2-MTL worked with Sid Lee and Sir Branson’s Virgin Unite to launch a collaborative crowdsourcing boot camp side project. The goal is to build a movement that supports ending the war on drugs, a favorite cause of Sir Richard Branson. The best ideas submitted during this process will be presented at C2-MTL on May 23.

Montréal: Business, unusual

C2-MTL participants will be blown away not only by the more formal aspects of this three-day event, but by other unique perks that only Montréal, a hotbed of creativity and innovation, can provide. By kicking things off with an opening ceremony by Cirque du Soleil, providing each participant with a conference concierge, and integrating interactive exhibits, short films, and a healthy dose of joie de vivre, C2-MTL is poised to be the business event of 2013.

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