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10 Amazing Montréal Venues You Didn’t Even Know You Could Rent

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amazing montreal venues

Planning an important event? You’re in luck. Montréal has an exceptional venue to move your event from “simply nice” to “downright unforgettable.”

For instance, imagine the sound of a champagne bottle bursting as your business team watches the sun sinking over an urban skyline –– but from the top of the tallest inclined tower in the world. Picture a historic Downton Abbey era mansion where your guests are casually sipping classic cocktails, only pausing to admire the stunning vintage setting. Visualize your crew mingling at the centre of the most important hockey rink in NHL history. We hate to boast, but Montréal practically invented memorable moments.

Your biggest challenge will simply be deciding which of the remarkable Montréal venues to choose from.

But don’t fret. We’re here to help.

Castle Tower

A CASTLE TOWER. Located in the heart of Parc Jean-Drapeau, the Tour de Lévis was built in the 1930s. An indoor 157-step staircase leads to the incredible observation deck where guests have a breathtaking 360-degree view of the islands, the river, downtown Montréal and the surrounding areas. Amaze your crew by hosting a theme-based corporate evening to coincide with city’s fireworks festival.

Maximum capacity: 60 guests. 

Musee du chateau Dufresne

A BEAUX-ARTS STYLE MANSION. Completed in 1918, the Château Dufresne was originally a beaux-arts style manor owned by leading members of Montréal’s French bourgeoisie. Today, the Château Dufresne houses a museum dedicated to the history of Montréal’s east end, as well as plenty of exquisite artefacts from that timeless era. Book the solarium for a charming Downton Abbey inspired cocktail party!

Maximum capacity: 150 guests.

World Trade Centre

A WORLD TRADE CENTRE.  Opened in 1992, the World Trade Centre covers a full city block in Old Montréal where historic buildings have been completely renovated to be connected by a vast skylight. The resulting atrium runs the length of La Ruelle des Fortifications –– and is an inspiring venue to hold special events, such as banquets, galas, and cocktail parties at any time of the year. Call on Lucion Media to complete the evening with some stellar light installations.

Maximum capacity: 600 guests. 


A CIRCUS HALL. Cirque Éloize is one of Montréal’s most distinguished circus troupes. They offer two large halls for your event: Le Chapiteau and Le Gymnase. Located inside the history-filled Dalhousie Station, in the heart of Old Montréal, it’s an ideal place for any type of event, from a cocktail reception to a major corporate gathering. In fact, if your team is looking for extra adventure, plan an entire cirque-themed trip!

Maximum capacity: 270 – 600 guests. 

sculpture garden

A SCULPTURE GARDEN. Montréal’s Contemporary Art Museum is one of the city’s top sites for holding quality inventive events. Their Sculpture Garden is an outdoor exhibition space that offers one of the city’s loveliest and most original spots for you to entertain your guests. The musée is in the heart of Montréal’s Entertainment district, so if you time it correctly, you’ll get the sounds of our world renowned Jazz Festival!

Maximum capacity: 400 guests. 

Montreal Forum

A HISTORIC HOCKEY ARENA.  Home of the “Habs” (aka The Canadiens) from 1924-1996, the Montréal Forum was the site of 24 Stanley Cup Championships. Today the central atrium is literally “centre ice” and still incorporates historical seats of the old arena. The venue can accommodate large-scale events such as exhibitions, cocktail dinners, receptions, press conferences and product launches. A truly unique venue for any sports fan!

Maximum capacity: 600 guests. 

Olympic Tower

AN OLYMPIC TOWER. At 165 metres high and with a 45-degree angle, the Montréal Tower is the tallest inclined tower in the world. (For perspective, the Tower of Pisa is only five degrees!) On the grounds of the 1976 Olympic Games, both the stadium and its iconic tower continue to be a major Montréal tourism attraction. Two halls located at the top of the tower are the main attraction for events, and can accommodate all types of corporate functions: product launches, press conferences, happy hours, and networking opportunities. All in all, it’s a gold medal venue!

Maximum capacity: 400 guests. 


A PLANETARIUM. Isn’t it time to host a party that involves a breathtaking encounter with the cosmos? Yes, indeed it is exactly that time. Montréal’s planetarium is part poetry and part science — the type of venue that people walk away from saying, “Wow.” The possibilities of events range from stellar receptions, heavenly cocktail parties and mind-expanding lectures. It’s truly an ‘out-of-this-world’ venue.

Maximum capacity: 250 guests. 

Montreal Boat

A BOAT. Most people don’t realize that Montréal is an island –– but it’s true! As such, we’ve got ample amount of water around us, and where there is water, there are boats. For an unforgettable three-hour fine-dining experience of great value, set sail with Bateau mouche. Or, for a more intimate meeting or event, Croisières AML offers private boats with glassed-in decks and unobstructed perspectives of the city. And if your team loves being outdoors, plan an entire island-themed group trip!

Maximum capacity: 1000 guests. 

Montreal Secret Venue

A BRIDGE. This final venue is a teaser –– it’s a site so clandestine that nobody can currently rent it. Here’s the scoop: one of Montréal’s most iconic architectural structures, the Jacques Cartier Bridge, has two secret rooms. The bridge was inaugurated in 1930, but due to the economic crisis of this “Great Gatsby” era, the two event spaces –– an exhibition hall and a massive ballroom –– were almost never used. With quixotic views over the cityscape and the river, these dormant treasures could become the hottest venues in the coming years. Recent talks about reopening both rooms have occurred, and you can rest assured that we’ll be following the progressions closely. Stay tuned to @MeetMontreal for all updates!

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  1. Jo Lynch

    I would like to host an event for 50-70 guests. Dinner and a presentation or finger food. I am looking for a German pub or restaurant

  2. Thomas Mariasine

    Im looking for a space to rent, hosting a 60th birthday party for 75-100. Must have an area for DJ and dancing. Food is not a must, table and chairs required with a bar section.

  3. Nadine Stojanoff

    I would like to host a client/ event for around 50 guests. A power point presentation by several speakers from 3-5 p.m sitting down at tables and a networking event from 5-7 pm. in the same location for the guests to discuss with speakers. would like to offer food and alcoholic refreshments with either buffet style and tall bistro tables and stools. The conference is about Cloud Computing and would like the venue to be at the top of a tall building in Montreal. PVM is out way too expensive. thank you

  4. Corinne Asseraf

    Hi there I am the owner of 3 galleries in Old Montreal, 203,227, Notre dame ouest, I hold venues from 20 people up to 250, we cater, and organize all sorts of themed Venues!
    floor plans are on the website.

    if you need more information on my spaces pls feel free to call me.

    thank you in advance

    Corinne Asseraf
    Galerie 203
    203, Notre Dame Ouest
    Montreal, Quebec

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