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11 Event Planning Blogs You Should Be Reading Right Now

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11 event planning blogs

In the past, one of the greatest challenges for any event professional was obtaining fresh data and industry knowledge. These days, however, there’s no shortage of up-to-date information available. In fact, the greater challenge is simply wading through the quagmire of content.

We’re here to help. To be an industry wizard (while still saving enough magic to actually plan events), simply focus your attention on these 11 event planning blogs that we love following!



corbin ball

Corbin Ball

Corbin is a well-known leader in the meetings industry. As a highly acclaimed speaker, he has the ability to make complex subjects understandable and fun. His articles have appeared in hundreds of publications and he’s been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Fast Company and more. In short, he’s a smart guy.

Get started with: 14 Meetings Technology Trends to Watch for 2014 

Meeting U

Meeting U

Led by the charismatic Jim Spellos, Meeting U shares a selection of articles, videos and photos, with the goal of keeping readers informed about “the way cool tech that’s out there.” Jim’s also in a rock band — which might make him the hippest dude in the biz!

Get started with: The Meeting U. Daily 



Liz King has established her “queendom” at the intersection of events and technology. Her event firm delivers live and virtual experiences to clients, and the TechsyTalk blog reflects that slant towards event technology.

Get started with: Event Planners Guide to: Launching a New Website 

Event manager blog

Event Manager Blog

With its thumb on the pulse of event trends, the Event Manager Blog is the go-to source for diverse planning perspectives. Started in 2007 by the dynamic Julius Solaris, the site offers comprehensive event resources with a specialization in event apps and registration.

Get started with: The Event App Bible (a free eBook!) 

Velvet Chainsaw

Velvet Chainsaw

To put it simply, Velvet Chainsaw Consulting is an all-star lineup of event planning gurus: Dave Lutz, Jeff Hurt, Donna Kastner and more. Together their blog has become a top resource for conference and trade show organizers, with a specialization in improving attendee experience and optimizing learning experiences.

Get started with: Who Killed Adult Curiosity? 



Associations Now

Associations Now

Can you guess what the Associations Now blog is all about? If you guessed “Associations of the past,” you’re wrong. These folks deliver current information, insights and ideas that help you master industry challenges — and create a better future for your organization.

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MPI Blog

MPI is a mainstay in the meetings and events industry. Their blog offers up the best in professional development and business opportunities, while highlighting what’s happening in the community!

Get started with: How to be Really Productive 


PCMA Convene

Since 1986, Covene Magazine has been a leading meetings industry publication. It’s won a bunch of awards — but more importantly meeting planners have identified it as the top industry publication for content (as determined by a 2012 survey independently conducted by Watkins Research Group). The blog is simply an extension of the print content.

Get started with: The Very Gritty Road to Success 




Biz Bash

If you’re looking for inspiration, look no further. Biz Bash is a mishmash of news, resources and boundless ideas. Their weekly “10 steal-worthy event ideas” is a post that we religiously steal to share on Twitter. You should too.

Get started with: Anything in the “Meeting Ideas” category 

Meetings Focus

Meetings Focus

Obsessed about finding the perfect destination? You’re in luck. Meetings Focus brands themselves as the “destination experts” — plus they offer tons of ideas for one-of-a-kind meetings. Word on the street is that they adore Montréal! (*winks*)

Get started with: their extensive list of downloadable checklists 


Event Planning (a blog by Cvent)

Cvent is like the Facebook for event planners — a place to unabashedly geek-out and connect with likeminded meeting professionals. The blog portion of the site offers insight on trends, inspirational ideas and guidance on event apps!

Get started with: Forecasting Hot Event Trends 





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