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You’re Going To Want To See These Stunning Montréal-Designed Promo Objects

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Montreal City of Design

Here’s a question for you: Did you know that Montréal is a UNESCO City of Design?

We know what you’re thinking. Your first response is probably somewhere along the lines of “Um . . . no, I did not know that.” And then your second response likely includes “What does it mean to be a UNESCEO City of Design?”

(Don’t worry. It was a tough question. We’re not judging you.)

Designing Women (and Men)

First of all, it’s helpful to be familiar with “UNESCO” — or as they are formally known, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. Their goal is just to “contribute to peace and security by promoting international collaboration through education, science, and culture in order to further universal respect for justice, the rule of law, and human rights along with fundamental freedom proclaimed in the UN Charter.”

(Wow, that was a mouthful. Still with us? Good. Let’s continue.)

The Creative Cities Network is a project by UNESCO to identify urban centres that lead in a handful of specific domains: Literature, Film, Music, Crafts/Folk Art, Design, Media Arts and Gastronomy. The network aims to adapt and harness the proliferation of technology and social development to further a city’s product of excellence. In short, they want to shine light on cities doing great work.

Along with creative meccas such as Berlin and Buenos Aires, in 2006 Montréal was appointed to the list of cities that have made major contributions to the world of design. We’re currently the only Canadian city part of the entire network (i.e. in all seven domains).

When it comes to design — to put it unabashedly — we’re kind of a big deal.

Take It — Take Another Little Piece Of My Art

One of the best things about attending events is the free swag, right? These days, attendees are expecting a goodie-bag laden with sponsored promotional material. Among the logo-smeared frisbees and fountain pens, it’s not always easy to standout, it’s not always easy to make a lasting impression. It becomes even more difficult to find that perfect event gift for the more elite attendees — you know, the keynote speakers or the volunteers from the board of directors. To make a gift meaningful, it has to come from the heart, and it’s also helpful when it represents a certain time or place.

Montréal UNESCO City of Design is a helpful resource in the struggle for meaningful promotional objects. As the official design organization of Montréal, their objective is to develop the market for local designers and architects, as well as to raise awareness of the talents coming from this fair city. One of their many initiatives is the annual Code Souvenir catalogue, a list of local products from a variety of outstanding Montréal creative firms. The products selected for the catalogue met a variety of measures, such as portability, functionality, environmental sustainability and — of course — how well they represent Montréal.

For event planners visiting the city, what’s so great about this catalogue? Essentially, it’s jam-packed with handcrafted, local items that make perfect gifts.

Now, shall we take a peak at some of the products?

Yes, let’s do it.


Stunning Montréal postcards by iLike Maps 

Montreal ruler

Handy bookmark and ruler by Schleeh Design 

travel scent

Relaxing scented travel pouch by Monsillage 

Canadian socks

Cozy Canadian wool socks by La Firme 

Montreal mug

Unique Montréal coffee cup by Alice in Montréal 

Montreal cheese board

One-of-a-kind serving board with slate strip by Avenue Coloniale 

x:o pot holder

Versatile tic-tac-toe potholder (which turns into coasters) by Anne Thomas 


Exquisite Montréal scarf by String Theory 

For more information on the products or the catalogue, contact:

Bureau du design
Ville de Montréal


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