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Centre for Sustainable Development: Montréal’s Leading Eco-Friendly Venue

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Crédit photo Bernard Fougères

In an era of corporate social responsibility, savvy meeting planners know that green is the new black. Whether you’re working directly for an environmental agency or just want to highlight an organization’s values, choosing a sustainable venue for an event speaks volumes about your commitment to the cause. You might say that having a small footprint creates big impact.

Located in Montréal’s downtown core, the Centre for Sustainable Development is the first building in the province to have earned the prestigious LEED Platinum certification. Its objectives include supporting environmental and social organizations, promoting education and innovation on sustainability and serving as a demonstration green building.

mini-conférence - Crédit photo Fanny Lasselin

Details, please!

Before we dive into the details about the meeting spaces, let’s go deeper into some of the centre’s exceptional specs. From the 28 geothermal wells beneath the building, to recycled fly ash and glass in the concrete, an ultra high-performance building envelope and a green roof, the Centre for Sustainable Development is one environmental initiative on top of another. Even the motion-activated lighting devices are equipped with low-mercury bulbs. Other details more obvious to visitors include ubiquitous natural lighting, a five-storey living wall and waterless urinals — guaranteed conversation starters!

vernissage photo by Frédéric Dubois

And the meeting spaces?

Montréal’s Centre for Sustainable Development has eight distinct meeting spaces for rent. They come with all the trimmings you’d expect from a world-class facility: presentation screens, multimedia projectors, laptops, Wi-Fi, etc. And, of course, technical set-up is included. Here’s what’s on offer:

Atrium: A singular glassed-in space with bright ambiance and a breathtaking five-storey wall made from real plants. It’s the perfect venue for stand-up receptions, sit-down soirées or out-of-the-box trade shows.

Boardroom: A more traditional space with a large meeting table that seats 14 people. But the expansive window overlooking busy Saint-Catherine’s Street serves as a reminder that you’re in an innovative locale in the heart of Montréal.

Clark Hall: A vast room that can accommodate up to 120 people. In addition to the usual technical and functional equipment, it showcases felted wool acoustic panels that have been silk-screened with a unique world-map design, proving that form and function can coexist in harmony. It’s an excellent choice for large-scale presentations.

Viger, Jeanne Mance and St-Urbain rooms: Smaller spaces better suited to groups of 20. Depending on your needs, you can choose from a classroom or boardroom-style layout. The white furnishings and abundant natural lighting create the perfect blank canvas for brainstorming activities.

St-Catherine Hall: This second-floor hall has all the virtues of the Jeanne Mance and St-Urbain rooms because it is actually composed of the two spaces combined. With the retractable wall neatly tucked away, the hall offers seating for a 50 people. A large screen anchors the room, while floor-to ceiling windows run its length and flood the space with light.

St-Laurent Room: If one wall of floor-to-ceiling windows isn’t enough for you, the St-Laurent Room offers two! The result is an exceptional meeting space that remains intimate for groups of 20. This is an ideal location for impressing clients or honouring your organization’s top performers.

Planners (or any other curious folks) who are interested in learning more about the building’s technological and environmental aspects — or who want to simply do some scouting — can take a guided tour or check out the free interactive exhibit. You never know, you may find yourself rubbing shoulders with other forward-thinking individuals while you’re there and expand your network in the process!

Fast Facts

Venue: Centre for Sustainable Development
Address: 50 Sainte-Catherine Street West, Montreal
Contact: or 514-394-1108
Twitter: @MaisonDD

Crédit photo Martin Martel

Photo credits
Exterior building: Bernard Fougères
Conference speaker: Fanny Lasselin
Photo exhibition cocktail:  Frédéric Dubois
Acrobatics: Martin Martel

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