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Montréal’s Newest Production Space @ Phi Centre

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Phi Centre

What makes event planners choose one city over another? We often pose this question to colleagues and we have begun to notice a reoccurring theme: meeting professionals are frequently state that unusual and exciting venues are a key factor when considering a destination as a host city for a conference or convention. Essentially, unique off-site venues that have “local flavor” are hot commodities in today’s meetings industry.

Meet the Phi Centre

In the historic district of Old Montréal is one of the city’s coolest off-site venue: Phi Centre. Ideal for corporate and special events, the distinctive embodies Montréal’s unconventional and inventive character. Open since 2012, the building fulfills the holy trinity of every contemporary meeting professional: sustainability, technology and creativity.

Meeting Venue As Canvas

When it comes to being green, the Phi Centre “LEEDS” the way, so to speak. The choice to refurbish a pre-existing building enabled the venue to reuse 75% of existing walls, floors and roof. Plus, the 2000-gallon rainwater harvesting system, a moss roof system and energy-efficient windows add up to a coveted LEED certification. This is all fine and dandy, but when it comes to important meetings, technical aspects cannot be compromised — and the Phi Centre does not disappoint. The venue’s digital nerve centre is a state-of-the-art recording, editing and broadcasting studio, located in the middle of the building, that enables your event to be recorded and streamed live with the most up-to-date equipment. Finally, the adaptable gallery rooms offer a dash of elegance to an event, a more memorable setting than a traditional venue. You’re literally able to use the space as a canvas.

Phi Centre

An All-New Production Space

The Phi Centre isn’t simply a first-rate arts centre; it’s also a premier production facility with a top-tier, multidisciplinary creative team. The recently unveiled Espace Plateau — a multifunctional salon equipped with a professional kitchen — is a testament to this. Like all the other spaces in the Phi Centre, Espace Plateau is linked to the third floor Control Tower and, by extension, to all the other spaces in the Phi Centre for any type of broadcast. The salon boasts 1,600 square feet and was designed to accommodate filming as effortlessly as events. Finally, the space is available with or without a kitchen, which can literally disappear behind detachable walls.

Fast Facts

Venue name: Phi Centre
Address: 407 St. Pierre Street
Twitter: @phicentre


Phi Centre

With kitchen. 

Phi Centre

Without kitchen.

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