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Tourisme Montréal puts the city at the heart of its new brand image

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Tourisme Montréal has just unveiled a new brand image to express Montréal’s identity as a creative, energetic and dynamic city that’s always on the cutting-edge of new discoveries and experiences. Though deeply rooted in almost 375 years of history, Montréal is a city that is eternally young at heart, and is constantly reinventing itself. Tourisme Montréal sought to develop an image that would reflect the character of contemporary Montréal as a hotbed of creativity, a magnet for world-class talent, a breeding ground for new happenings, and an incubator for exciting, innovative ideas.

Many voices, one vision

Just For Laughs Festival

In 2014, Tourisme Montréal began a process to invite feedback from visitors, locals, partners, clients and employees on their perceptions of the destination and the CVB’s brand image. Tourisme Montréal held focus groups, conducted surveys and solicited comments from a diverse range of sources to gain an in-depth understanding of how both Montrealers and tourists view the destination and how best to represent it. The unifying thread in all the feedback collected was that Montréal is perceived as a vibrant and modern city that exudes warmth and creativity, and is known for its eclectic and irreverent personality.

Montréal at the heart of the new brand image

logo examples_705px

Tourisme Montréal’s new logo will showcase all of the amazing moments, one-of-kind experiences and the unique vibe that is synonymous with the city. Montréal becomes the stage on which all “highlight moments” of the year—the festivals, food, music, dance, digital scene, architecture and array of activities—have their chance to shine. In the new brand image, the city itself is at the heart of the design.

A look and feel for every season

Montreal connects example

Montréal’s new image will roll out around seven main themes or “highlight moments” to mark the non-stop line-up of events and attractions the city offers year-round:

  • Winter: Montréal Lights Up (Igloofest, MONTRÉAL EN LUMIÈRE, Nuit Blanche)
  • Spring: Montréal Connects (Montréal Digital Spring and other cutting-edge events)
  • Early summer: Montréal Revs Up (the F1 kicks off the sizzling summer festival season)
  • Summer: Montréal Ignites (flagship festivals like the Jazz Fest and Just For Laughs take over downtown)
  • Early fall: Montréal Shows Off (an eclectic cultural program unveiled in autumn)
  • Late fall: Montréal Indulges (the hugely popular restaurant week, MTL à TABLE)
  • Holiday season: Montréal Celebrates (showcasing family activities and holiday celebrations)

Sharing the Montréal experience with #MTLmoments

Montreal to MTL

For the past two years, Tourisme Montréal’s #MTLmoments social media campaign has been inviting everyone – locals and visitors alike – to share their personal experiences in the city on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. The overwhelming success of the #MTLmoments campaign inspired a key element in the new logo design: the upper case “MTL” will shine through in the new logo, distilling down to the familiar three-letter vignette for social media avatars.


Do you have a favourite Montréal memory? Share your #MTLmoments on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and sign up for our newsletter for all the latest news from Montréal.

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