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10 Montréal Startups You Need To Know About

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There’s something fresh about Montréal, something that’s making cutting-edge tech ideas come to life at a very fast pace. Local startups are turning heads in a variety of industries — gaming, wearable tech, virtual reality, retail, ecotech — by doing what we do best and doing what we love the most: being passionate about creativity.

More than ever, our city’s digital entrepreneurs are primed to take over the world, and investors are increasingly supporting their ambitions. The recent dynamism of Montréal’s startup ecosystem has placed our success within a larger context of innovation.

For an insider’s perspective on the game-changing startups in Montréal, we asked Contact MTL’s social editor, Andres Restrepo (@andresrestrepo), to highlight a few companies that he thinks will be huge in the near future. (Side note: Contact MTL brings together dedicated Greater Montréal ambassadors of all backgrounds to promote the region’s business, academic, cultural and technological achievements.) Restrepo thinks there many reasons to be optimistic about our city’s booming startup ecosystem — and he is not the only one to think so.

With that in mind, here are 10 local disruptors that will change the way we work, learn, buy and play!


Perfect for team managers and coaches, this technology helps you organize and operate your sports teams. Algorithms generate detailed game statistics using standard, single-camera game footage. Currently used by youth and adult sports organizations, clubs, leagues and tournaments.



An online, cloud-based, automated mastering service that allows for the upload of audio tracks in various formats, which are then instantly digitally mastered using artificial intelligence algorithms. Democratizes the mastering process and delivers audio results that rival professional studio work in minutes. Note: Rapper NAS is onboard already.



This cutting-edge retail platform makes sales and manages your store, with integrated inventory management, customer management, on-demand reporting, and eCommerce. With 25K clients in 30 countries, LightSpeed is on its way to becoming Québec’s first unicorn (i.e. a start-up company whose valuation has exceeded $1 billion dollars).



Lego meets electronics! The reactive building blocks — in conjunction with an app — introduce children (6+) to the stimulating world of electronics. Winner of Techcrunch’s “Pitch-Off.”



Instant tutoring from world-class tutors who are real people. The online learning platform matches tutors and students, sort of like a “Khan Academy” — but with thousands of Khans!


grade slam


A simple way to measure employee satisfaction, while providing actionable tips for a better workplace. An innovative solution for boosting corporate growth!


office vibe


A navigation aid, fitness companion and alarm system, this device makes your bike smart. Perfect for cyclists in urban centres. As of press time, $538 723 CAD has been raised.



The AirBnb for high-end homes. One of the world’s largest full-service luxury vacation rental companies was born and raised here in Montréal — and it has already been profitable for years.



Bio-sensing shirts that connect heart rate, breathing and activity data to users’ mobile devices in real time. Their latest collaboration is with Ralph Lauren and Concordia’s own Joanna Berzowska.




The brand that literally reinvented fashion marketing for the modern man. This Montréal-based e-commerce shop (which now also has a brick-and-mortar location downtown) is one of the most innovative global companies in retail today. But don’t just believe us — industry experts FastCompany listed them as a Top 10 Innovative Company in Retail.



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  1. Marie-Eve

    Interested in visiting the offices of these startups and meeting the teams behind the scenes? Startup Open House is the event for you, then! On October 29th from 4-7pm, you can visit any one of the 145+ participating startups in their office space. Even better, the event is FREE for all involved!

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