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5 Fresh Corporate Event Ideas

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When it comes to corporate events, the days of sappy trust falls and sloppy smorgasbords dinners are over. The best event planners are continually looking for innovative ways to making meetings more memorable. For the group that has “been there, done that,” here are five fresh event ideas, perfect to get your gang excited about gathering again.

opera de montreal

Mingle amid an opera set. Opéra de Montréal offers a selection of corporate packages, including private receptions and live-performance networking activities. Welcome your guests onto the actual stage at Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier (one of the city’s premiere performance venues), where they can revel in magnificent sets and literally become part of the opera. Different options available: 100-400 people. 

hockey, habs, canadiens

Become “Habs” for a Day. The Bell Centre — home of the Montréal Canadiens hockey team — offers an opportunity to treat your clients, employees or friends to an unforgettable experience on the home ice. Groups are able to rent the ice and truly feel the magic of Canada’s favourite game. Your package includes individual presentation of the players, national anthem, an in-house host, a cameraman, a timekeeper and a DJ. In short, it’s a total score! 


Fly a plane — together. Over 80% of the world’s civil and military flight simulators are made right here in Montréal (by CAE). Canada’s very-first professional-level flight simulator, AeroSim Experience, has everything it takes to get your crew soaring. The Laval-based company offers participants the chance to man the controls of an exact replica of a Boeing 737 cockpit. This state-of-the-art craft includes fully functional flight deck systems, 200° photorealistic external terrain visualization and high-definition, true-to-life weather simulations. Truly an immersive piloting experience. 

Maison Chrisitian Faure

Get baked. The Maison Christian Faure is more than a fine pastry shop, café, and boutique in the heart of Old Montréal — it’s Canada’s first international school devoted to French pastry. Located in a refurbished 300-year-old historical building, the venue offers workshops for serious amateurs and interactive pastry classes, as well as a private lounge suitable for press conferences, product launches, reunions, award ceremonies, annual meetings and more. Added bonus: everyone gets treats! 

Cirque Éloize, team building

Send in the clowns. Montréal is the word’s capital of circus. When planning a prestigious evening gala, intimate celebration or other corporate event, why not add a dash of flexibility and creativity? Cirque Éloize offers custom options for performances in their own circus studios — or a location anywhere in the world. Or better yet, head for the high wire with one of their hands-on corporate packages. Safety net included.

Up next: Montréal team building activities they’ll love! 



  1. Kyler Brown

    I am planning a work event that is supposed to take place sometime this summer. I really appreciated these ideas, especially the first one. An opera set like this one would create a unique and classy environment. Thanks for sharing this post.

  2. Angus Bell

    For the best corporate event in Montreal, check out Extreme Archery Games at Ministry of Cricket & other Homeless Sports! It’s like paintball without the pain and ten times the fun! Become the next Katniss Everdeen, Arrow or Hawkeye as you run around hiding behind inflatable castle walls, shooting targets and each other! A real-life Hunger Games experience! Multi-sport options available, plus bar, café, free parking and air conditioning! Check out

  3. Inga

    We are new concept in Montreal! DAYCARE for adults!
    You can spend 6 hours with 2 animators, playing fun social games, sing, dance, live piano music, home made food, nap time. You will really get to know each other!!!! Circle time:) No phones, boring speeches, power point. Only fun!

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